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Floralytes & Submersible Lights

Diamond Shaped Submersible LED Lights (Set of 12)
$39.98  $35.98
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CR1220 Replacement Batteries
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About Floralytes & Submersible Lights

Koyal Wholesale is the nation's largest distributor of
Floralytes Wireless Decorative Lighting: Shop below!
We carry Floralytes Wireless Lights from $1.48 each. Bulk floralytes are also known as submersible LEDs,  flora lights and LED lights underwater. Use flora lite and wholesale Acolyte floral string lights to illuminate ice sculptures and party favors. This acolyte lighting and floral mini lights are a beautiful addition to any centerpiece. To illuminate fountains, use submersible lights, floralights, also known as floral lites. These wonderful wireless floral string lights can also be used as LED Christmas lights or battery operated Christmas tree lights.