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Wholesale Ostrich Feathers (Bulk)

About Wholesale Ostrich Feathers (Bulk)

Please read the "Ostrich Feather Education Sheet" to learn about the difference between Ostrich Feathers, Ostrich Plumes (larger, fuller) & Ostrich Drabs (smaller). Koyal Wholesale carries only 1st Quality Ostrich Plumes & Drabs. These are the best quality ostrich feathers on the market.  Beware of companies passing off Ostrich Drabs for Ostrich Plumes, or those companies simply trying to pass off inferior quality plumes.  To create this centerpiece, use 1st Quality White Ostrich Plumes by Koyal Wholesale.


To make the Ostrich Feather Centerpieces for Weddings and other events you will need the ostrich feathers (approximately 15 feathers per centerpiece) PLUS: