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Rhinestone Monogram Wedding Camera

Model #974-KWMF4 Rhinestone Camera


Retail Price: $11.99 (42% Discount)

This item is discontinued.

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Rhinestone Monogram Wedding Camera

This is our rhinestone monogram wedding camera. A beautiful camera to capture all the moments at any elegant wedding or special event.  Comes your choice of monogram and your choice of color of either gold or celadon green. 

All of our wedding cameras come standard with the following:

  • Flash cameras perfect for indoor/outdoor use
  • AGFA 400 speed color film
  • Each camera is individually wrapped
  • Table tent instruction card included with each camera
    • Table tent card reads: Help us capture our memories! Please use this camera to take pictures of anything memorable, but please leave this camera on the table before you depart. Thank you for coming and making our day special.
  • Camera Features:
    • Simple point and shoot operation
    • Smart integrated design
    • 35 mm color film (27 exposures)
    • Approximately 12 months expiry date
    • Optical viewfinder and fixed focus lens
    • ISO 400 film good for all light conditions
    • Choose either white, silver or pink for the camera color.
    • Automatic built-in flash
    • Battery included
  • These cameras are loaded in the USA with fresh AGFA 400 speed film and specially packaged with your appropriate wedding design.
    Our wedding cameras come in several themes and colors. Wedding cameras have become a modern necessity for all weddings in that they easily capture some of the most memorable events that occur during the wedding reception. The wedding cameras are distributed to the guests during the reception, or by placing a few wedding cameras at each table along with their matching instructions cards; The guests are encouraged to use their wedding cameras to click away at anything fun or interesting that occurs. In most cases, the wedding photographer can't be everywhere at once and is focused mainly on the bride & groom, so the wedding cameras are a wonderful way to see how much fun everyone had at the wedding. At the end of the wedding reception, the bridesmaids will usually collect all the disposable wedding cameras together. The bride's parents will develop all the pictures, and the family will re-live that special day over again from a candid perspective! Mailing the wedding camera photos to the guests that attended the wedding along with thank you cards is a very special memento that is highly appreciated.

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