Favor Stickers + Labels

Personalized Party Favor Stickers and Labels

Nobody likes to head back to their house after a brilliant day or night of having fun with their loved ones, but the party doesn’t have to stop just because everyone’s heading home. Party favors are a great way to keep the good times in your guests’ memories long after the celebration has ended. We carry fantastic party favor stickers at great prices so the fun never has to stop.

Do Yourself a (Party) Favor

There are so many ways you can let your guests know that you appreciate them making it to your event. Why not send them home with a personalized sticker they can put up and keep for as long as they like or a grab bag of goodies they can look forward to digging through once the party has ended? Choosing how to keep the celebration going has never been so easy or so fun, and now when you spend more than $50 on party favor stickers and beyond from Andaz Press or other brands, you can get free shipping!

High-Quality Stickers and Labels

Koyal offers excellent quality supplies at amazing prices for hosts, event planners, and more. If you want to give your guests favors but save your money for other party supplies, our party favor stickers and labels are budget-friendly! Get the Koyal difference and shop personalized party favor labels to help your guests always remember how great your party was.

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