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Personalized Favor Stickers

When you are celebrating an important day in your life, your attendees are going to be one of the most important parts of your day. Give them a proper “thank you” for coming and celebrating you with unique party favors like personalized favor stickers. Use these unique and personalized stickers on your favor bags for a personalized touch or put them on a fun memento like a stainless steel wine glass for a one-of-a-kind gift your friends and family will love!

Round Small Business Sticker Labels 120-Pack-set of 120-Andaz Press-Watercolor Happy Mail, Red Heart-
Round Small Business Sticker Labels 120-Pack-set of 120-Andaz Press-Watercolor Pink Thank You for Supporting My Small Business-

Round Small Business Sticker Labels 120-Pack

Our 2-inch circle gift labels are perfect for small businesses, handmade gift stores, handcrafted products, artisan craft shops, and unique custom ...

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Match Your Event Decor

No matter what type of decor you’re using for your event, you’ll be able to find stickers that match your look. Choose a classic, neutral color that’ll go with any decor or choose a style that matches your unique decor choices. Since we carry a large selection of personalized favor stickers and party favor tags, you can add a special flair to any party favor! Party favors aren’t always a necessity, but they’ll add that extra special touch your guests will love!

DIY-Friendly, Professional-Standard Quality

From professional party planners to first-time hosts, DIYers need options that are trendy and made from quality materials. If you’re planning a wedding or another event and you want complete control over everything, doing it yourself is the best way! Let Koyal help you find the right supplies and decor for that perfect mix of DIY-friendly and high-quality professional supplies. Once you’ve chosen your personalized favor stickers, be sure to explore everything else we have to offer for events, including our exclusive Andaz Press collection!

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