Party Confetti

Tissue Paper Confetti

There’s nothing more whimsical than seeing tissue paper confetti at a wedding or party. Whether you’re going all-out and blasting it from a confetti cannon, making it rain from above, or simply throwing it by hand, confetti marks the most important special moments during celebrations. Whether you’re looking for glamorous metallic hues or classic plain colors, we have confetti in different sizes, shapes, colors, and quantities to help you celebrate your next event in style.

Confetti That Fits Your Theme

Who says confetti has to be boring? From traditional tissue paper confetti to more unique styles like diamond and ring shapes, you’ll always find something to love at Koyal Wholesale. There are many types of joyous occasions, and we believe that each and every one should have their own special type of confetti! Regardless of how you plan to use it, our confetti is sure to add an extra layer of fun (and style!) to the most joyful moments of your celebration.

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Our vast collection of tissue paper confetti includes styles for events of all types, but you’ll likely also need other supplies to help you get the look you want! We offer a complete collection of wedding decorations and other party supplies (like balloon bouquet kits and elegant birthday candles!) for any planner — professional and DIYers alike — to find their perfect look.

With free shipping over $50 and no minimum orders for our wholesale prices, you’ll see why decor from Koyal is the best!