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Chalkboard Signs for Wedding

Whether you want to create a sign with your new last name, direct your guests to seating, or just need some cute decor, chalkboard signs for weddings and events are the perfect way to do it! With these unique and customizable designs, you can put your own spin on things and send a cute message to your guests. Alongside our event basics and other wedding decor, these signs will fit right in with your event’s style!

Laser Cut Glitter Acrylic Treat Yo Self Sign-Set of 1-Koyal Wholesale-
Laser Cut Glitter Acrylic Treat Yo Self Sign-Set of 1-Koyal Wholesale-

Laser Cut Glitter Acrylic Treat Yo Self Sign

Our modern geometric hexagon design with text "treat yo self" is the ideal selection for your dessert bar. This glitter acrylic party sign decorati...

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Functional Decor With a Fun Message

Functional event accessories don’t have to be boring -- add your own unique flair to your event with a personalized message or cute saying that’s near and dear to your heart with these wedding chalkboard signs! Incorporate them into your wedding pictures for a cute, heartfelt touch or set them up as centerpieces on your sign-in table to instruct your guests on what to do. No matter how you want to use them, Koyal Wholesale offers signs with both blank and pre-customized messages, so shop our collection today to find the one that’s right for you!

Shop DIY Wedding and Party Supplies and Decorations

Our chalk party signs are only a small taste of what we have to offer at Koyal Wholesale. We cater to newlyweds, event coordinators, and party planners with a DIY mentality, and offer everything they need to make sure their event looks fantastic. With the latest styles and free shipping on orders $50 and up, we are the trendiest solution in the party planning business. Pick up your chalkboard signs for your wedding and browse our store today to experience the Koyal difference!

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