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2024 Wedding Centerpiece Ideas & Décor Using Pantone's Color of the Year

Pantone’s color of the year in 2024 is about more than its Peach Fuzz hue, although it’s a color that’s right at home in wedding décor. It's a color with an all-embracing spirit that enriches the heart, mind, and body, encouraging connection and warm fuzzy feelings with the people we love. It's sophisticated and contemporary, while honoring the past.
When you go beyond the color itself and decorate with these principles in mind, you can create stunning centerpieces and eye-catching designs that really make Pantone’s Peach Fuzz come alive.

Bowl Filled With Peaches, Peach-Colored Roses, and Greenery: Woman Getting Married

Decorate With Actual Peaches and Other Fruit

Peach Fuzz is a unique color in that its name eludes to a tactile experience, as well as a visual one. You can imagine running your fingers over the soft skin of a peach whenever you hear its name.

Bring that tactile experience into your wedding décor by decorating with actual peaches. They can be incorporated into floral arrangements, placed in bowls, or scattered on reception tables.

Other fruits with a peach-like hue can add even more texture to your displays. A palette that includes apricots is a great choice, as are rosy-colored apples, nectarines, and even grapefruit.

Wedding Cocktail Table With Layered Table Cover Fabrics: Wed Society of North Texas

Use Textural Fabrics

Another great way to bring texture into your wedding is through the use of fabrics. The textures you choose should reflect the season and the vibe of your décor.

For example, chiffon table runners are a great choice for a light and airy wedding in the spring or summer. Velvet is a no-brainer for fall weddings, with swaths of velvet covering tables and lengths of velvet fabric strewn through a ceremony arch. Heavy shimmering fabric is lovely at winter weddings.

Layering fabric is another great way to add texture to your space. Start with a solid fabric in Peach Fuzz and layer wispy fabrics, like tulle or lace, over the top.

You can use textured fabrics to create even more impact when you use them creatively. Try creating your own fabric wedding signs or print your wedding day menu directly on napkins.

Place Setting With a Peach Rose and Anthurium Flower Arrangement: One Fab Day

Choose Peach Fuzz Floral Arrangements Based on Your Wedding-Day Vibe
Peach fuzz centerpieces almost always include roses, and for good reason. Peach-hued roses have an upscale look, especially because you have so many to choose from. Long-stem roses are gorgeous in a grand cathedral setting, while garden roses are lovely at outdoor weddings.

But don’t automatically assume you have to use roses in your floral arrangements. It’s much more important to think about your wedding-day vibe when choosing flowers.

For example, if you’re planning a tropical wedding, you might incorporate protea and peach anthurium into your wedding. Peach daffodils are a surprising choice for a bright spring wedding, while peach daisies are a great choice for whimsical weddings. Dried florals, like bunny tails, are a great choice for bohemian couples.

Handmade Paper Invitation RSVP With Flowers and an Orange Slice: Brontë Bride

Incorporate Raw, Organic Details
Another way to add texture to your wedding is to choose Peach Fuzz wedding décor that features raw, organic details.

Handmade paper is a fun way to incorporate this unique shade into your wedding decorations. Set the tone with handmade paper invitations, then use handmade paper to create place cards and cocktail menus.

Fabric with raw hems can look lovely at a Peach Fuzz wedding too. Tie bouquets with ribbon that has a frayed edge or pop the hem on cheesecloth napkins for an organic look to your décor. Rustic details, like grapewood branches and mismatched vases made out of natural materials, like terracotta, can give your wedding décor a raw, organic vibe too.

Bride and Groom Standing in Front of a Curved Wooden Backdrop: Utah Valley Bride

Decorate With the 70’s in Mind
Retro decorations are increasingly popular with brides and grooms, especially when it comes to the 70’s. Although the 2024 Pantone color of the year is a fresh color, it also hints at the past, making it a fantastic color for groovy weddings.

Curved wood backdrops painted in Peach Fuzz look lovely as ceremony arches, seating displays, or signage. You could incorporate disco balls into your décor along with other funky details, like vinyl records and even roller skates, depending on how retro you want to go.

Detailed Wedding Cake With Peach-Colored Pearls and Billowy Rice Paper: Fab Mood

Give Your Décor a Pearl-Like Luster
If you love the idea of a more traditional wedding with a pop of color, combine Pantone’s Peach Fuzz with the lovely sheen of pearls.

There are many unique ways to decorate with pearls beyond the strand that you wear around your neck. Your wedding cake can be dotted with pearls, you can cover tables with pearl-studded fabric, and you can even find ways to incorporate pearls into your floral arrangements.

Pearls are lovely at any wedding, but they aren’t the only way to add a little shine to your décor. You can add a pearl-like luster to your wedding with things like iridescent charger plates, mosaic mother-of-pearl vases or candle holders, and oyster place cards.

Peach-Colored Cocktails With Floating Flowers: Hey Wedding Lady

Make Treats and Drinks Part of Your Décor

Peach Fuzz is a great color to incorporate into treats and drinks that you serve throughout your wedding day, especially because when it’s done right, it makes your décor pop.

Signature cocktails are becoming a wedding day staple, so why not create a peachy-pink concoction for your guests to enjoy either during cocktail hour or during your reception? Bellinis are fun at a tropical destination wedding, while a simple peach cocktail with floating flowers is perfect for an upscale wedding.

Incorporating actual peaches into your desserts is a no-brainer, but don’t be afraid to have a little fun with Pantone’s unique hue. Create mini chicken sliders with peach-hued biscuits; salmon bites are pleasantly pink, as are prosciutto-wrapped cheese bites.

Table Centerpiece Featuring Black and White Anemones and Peach Taper Candles: Vintage Soul Floral Design

It’s All in the Details
It’s often not the big things that make your wedding decorations special. It’s the little details that really tie everything together.

That means using small Peach Fuzz wedding decorations in many different areas of your wedding. For example, you can tie peach tags on wedding favors, set each place setting with a peach napkin, or incorporate peach-colored taper candles in a sea of white candle holders.

It’s really about creating a cumulative effect so that each detail is more impactful because it is combined with others. What those details are is up to you.

Peach Fuzz is the perfect way to zhoosh up your wedding decorations and centerpieces! From choosing the right flowers for your wedding-day vibe to using Pantone’s color of the year in food, fabrics, and more, these tips will make sure your wedding is pleasantly peach from start to finish.

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