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Top 10 Wedding Decor with Balloons Ideas

Balloons aren’t just for kid parties anymore! With so many shapes, sizes, and colors, they can be arranged for formal events.

They aren’t just for arches either! Here are our favorite tips for wedding décor with balloons so you can get a fun, playful, upscale look at your wedding.

Bride and Groom Sitting Under a Light Blue and Gold Balloon Arch: Melanie Parent Events

Balloon Arches as a Backdrop for the Ceremony or Reception

When you think of a balloon arch, standard 11-inch balloons come to mind. Those are great for kid parties, but they don’t really provide a classy wedding-day look.

Instead, mix up the size of your balloons to add interest. Integrate other items, like flowers and fabric, and create interesting arch shapes, like an oversized circle or a half arch. Not sure how to create a custom balloon arch? Make it easier with a modern wedding balloon arch kit!

Bride Walking With Bridesmaids Holding Balloons and Bouquets: Haute Blossoms Floral

Balloon Bouquets for Bridesmaids

If you’re looking for wedding balloon ideas that are unexpected, consider wedding balloon bouquets for your bridesmaids!

That might mean incorporating small balloons into flower arrangements, but you don’t have to think about a balloon bouquet so literally. Bridesmaids can carry a bunch of helium balloons, or a single balloon can be tied to traditional floral bouquets for a festive look at your wedding.

Reception Table With a Hoop Centerpiece Decorated with Balloons and Greenery: Junebug Weddings

Balloon Arrangements as Centerpieces for Tables

The simplest wedding balloon centerpieces are single, large, round balloons that float above the center of every table, but that’s not the only way you can decorate. Mini arches can be created on tables and decorated with balloons, and balloons can be integrated into floral arrangements.

Different Colored Balloons Used to Spell Out “Best Day Ever”: Wedding Forward

Balloon Letters or Numbers to Spell Out the Couple’s Names and More

One of our favorite wedding balloon ideas includes using letters and numbers to spell out special messages at the ceremony and reception. You can spell out your names with foil balloons, create a display with your wedding date, or include fun, playful, and love-filled messages.

Bride and Groom Embracing Under a Balloon Chandelier: 100 Layer Cake

Balloon Décor Hanging From the Ceiling or Suspended in the Air

There’s something magical about balloons, which makes them great for weddings. Especially if you hang them from the ceiling.

Create a stunning display that floats over reception tables. Balloons can be hung from trees at an outdoor wedding, and helium balloons can be tied to long strings and floated near the ceiling in a grand space, like a cathedral. Use balloons in shades that match your wedding colors, or use clear balloons filled with tissue paper confetti.

Floor-to-Ceiling Balloon Sculpture With Floral Arrangement: The Gold Events Instagram

Balloon Sculptures or Designs

Wedding balloon decorations that have been arranged by an expert look more like a sculpture than a mere wedding decoration.

Turn a pool into a sculptural masterpiece, enhance the existing architecture with balloon designs, or hire a true professional to create a cactus sculpture at a desert wedding, flowers made out of balloons, and more!

Columns Wrapped With Teal, Gold, and Ivory Balloons: Rock My Wedding

Balloon-Covered Columns or Poles

Columns and poles are blank canvases that are just asking to be decorated at a wedding. Skip the streamers and decorate them with balloons instead!

Displays can be as grand or as understated as you want. Create magical entrances out of balloons and decorate columns in a ceremony space. Balloons can even be wound around the trunks of trees at an outdoor wedding.

White Arch Draped With Balloons That Are Covered in Fabric: Weddywood

Balloon Garlands or Chains

Wedding balloon garland can be used to decorate poles and columns, but it can also be used down the center of tables, hung from banisters, and used to create a makeshift wedding arch.

If you’re looking for a simpler idea that you can DIY yourself, chains constructed out of balloons can be lovely too. Especially if you incorporate multiple chains with balloons in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Wrap balloons in fabric for an upscale, one-of-a-kind look.

Photo Booth Backdrop With Bright Balloons and a Chair: Mint Event Design

Balloon Photo Booth or Selfie Station

Wedding balloon backdrop ideas can be used at the altar and behind the head table, but your guests want to interact with the balloons at your wedding too! Create a balloon photo booth or a selfie station so everyone can get in on the action.

You can create a fancy balloon wall, but it can also be fun for your guests if there are helium balloons on strings for them to hold, or loose latex balloons on the floor that they can kick or throw in the air as they take a picture.

Bride and Groom Smiling Under LED Balloons: Olivia Yuen

LED Balloon Wedding Send-Off

Wedding décor with balloons that have LED lights are really cool at night. They can be used to decorate your reception space, but they can also provide you and your new life partner with the perfect send-off.

Hand out clear LED balloons to your guests. Have them hold up the balloons as you and your partner exit the reception. It’s a magical moment you will always remember, and it creates a stunning photo opportunity!

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