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When you’re planning a wedding or event, it’s important to stay informed about all the latest industry trends.

Fortunately, you can stay on top of all the latest wedding trends with Koyal Wholesale. Find new and creative ways to stay on the cutting edge of the wedding and event industry with modern DIY trends.

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Whether you’re looking for updates on the latest trends or how to use our products for DIY styling, Koyal Wholesale has all the info you need.

When it comes to making the most of these wedding trends, Koyal wholesale offers modern decor that’s on-trend, chic, and easily fits with any event theme.

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Top 10 Wedding Color Combinations Using Electric Blue

Electric blue is a great color for weddings! Its vibrant color profile provides electrifying energy to any ceremony and reception, but because it’s technically part of the blue family, it’s also a cool color that simultaneously brings feelings of calmness...

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Top 10 2024 Wedding Decor Trends-Koyal Wholesale

Top 10 2024 Wedding Decor Trends

Wedding fashion goes in and out of style, and so does décor. What was cool and trendy just a few years ago is eventually replaced by new color palettes, new centerpieces, and new textures.You should choose decorations that you love...

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Top 10 Wedding Decor Ideas for Church Pews-Koyal Wholesale

Top 10 Wedding Decor Ideas for Church Pews

It doesn’t matter if you’re getting married in a grand cathedral or a small chapel, church weddings are always lovely because you are able to take advantage of the natural beauty of the building where you’re getting married. But, that...

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Top 10 Quinceanera Centerpiece Ideas for 2023-Koyal Wholesale

Top 10 Quinceanera Centerpiece Ideas for 2023

A quinceanera is a time to celebrate, and it’s a time to celebrate in style!That means fancy dresses, glamorous makeup, and delicious food, but it also means décor that includes stunning centerpieces.But, what kinds of details make for the perfect...

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Top 10 Teal Wedding Color Combination Ideas

Some wedding colors are harder to pull off than others. Teal is definitely one of those colors. A teal wedding color palette can look cheap if you don’t choose the right materials, décor, or complementary hues. So, what colors go...

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2023 Winter Wedding Color Combinations

There’s nothing like a winter wedding. Brides and grooms who are willing to brave the cold are rewarded with a cozy atmosphere, stunning scenery, and a warm ambiance that’s perfect for celebrating your love with friends and family. The question...

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2023 Fall Wedding Color Combinations

Are you looking for fall wedding color help? You’ve come to the right place! We know there are a lot of questions you have to ask yourself when looking for the wedding color palette that’s perfect for you and your...

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2023 Summer Wedding Color Combinations

The summer is a popular time to have a wedding. Because you don’t have to worry about cold temperatures and snow storms, it’s the perfect season for brides and grooms who want to spend at least some of their day...

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2023 Spring Wedding Color Combinations

The wedding color ideas you have for your big day may look good in your imagination, but they don’t always look good in real life. Or, you may think you need to avoid a certain color because it will look...

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1970s Disco Ball Cup With Straw, Set of 4-Set of 4-Andaz Press-Gold-
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1970s Disco Ball Cup With Straw, Set of 4

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I Do Crew Gift Bags-Set of 12-Andaz Press-Gold-
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