Concrete Centerpiece Vases

A concrete centerpiece can make your unique event look modern and trendy and radiate civic sophistication. The simple and bold shapes of these centerpiece vases are a strong neutral foundation for gorgeous bouquets and unapologetic splashes of color. Concrete vases are striking, and they add an urban and unconventional elegance to any tablescape. If new and trending decor is what you are looking for, our concrete-inspired vases will be the perfect fit for your event!

Concrete Effect Square Cube Vase

Square-cube vases have a strong and sturdy concrete look, weight, and feel about them. These 5 x 5-inch vases have 4.5 inches openings and are made of ceramic material with a solid foundation. You can use them as bud vases, candle holders, flower vases, succulent plant pots, and so much more.

Concrete Effect Slanted Cube Terrarium Holder

Another perfect concrete centerpiece is the slanted cube terrarium holder. It has a distinct concrete design that sits at an angle like a modern work of art. The eccentric display makes for a playful and eye-catching base for centerpieces filled with flowers and succulents.

Concrete Effect Cylinder Vase Centerpiece Set

Our 3-cylinder vase per pack features a metallic gold accent that adds a modern feel to any event. This set has an assortment of three vases that you can stagger in the center of your guest tables. Fill this set of three vases with flowers, buds, succulent plants, candles, and anything else that will spruce up the ambiance of your wedding or celebration.

Concrete Effect Rectangle Vase

These rectangular vases accentuate work or home spaces brilliantly. They are chic and offer a versatile range of use for DIY inspiration. These beautiful concrete vases measure 9.8 x 4.5 x 4 inches and have a 9.3 x 4.2-inch opening to hold flowers, votive candles, or branches.

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