Pearl Vase Fillers

There are very few jewels as elegant and timeless as the classic pearl. If you want your event to shine and shimmer, pearl vase fillers are your answer to creating the most decadent centerpieces. Pearls add a simple and special touch to glassware and bouquet displays. They are ideal for weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, and any occasion that calls for a little touch of beauty. If you are searching for a twist on the uniform pearl display, explore our floating pearl vase fillers.

Assorted Size Pearls Floating Pearls Centerpiece

These assorted size pearls come in 30mm, 18mm, and 12mm with a luxurious, pearlized paint finish. They work well with distilled water, but you can use any water to expand these floating pearl vase fillers. Add candles or battery-operated waterproof floralytes to the beads to add extra ambiance to the space.

Loose Pearl Fillers

These loose pearls vase fillers add elegance to any space and event with their classic and timeless look. You can use them as DIY projects to embellish your wedding crafts or fill your vases with vintage flair. Just empty the pearls in a glass cylinder with white and ivory color choices to create an effortless look.

The pearls have small holes which you can use to string together and create any strung decor piece or even jewelry.

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