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10 Best Halloween Wedding Ideas for Tasteful Decorations & Elegant Centerpieces

Of all the wedding themes, a Halloween wedding theme has the most potential to end up looking cheap and cheesy. That doesn’t mean a Halloween wedding is off limits! It just means you have to try a little harder to make sure things look classy and beautiful instead of ugly and overdone.

If you love the idea of having a wedding during the spookiest time of the year, make sure you check out our Halloween wedding ideas. We’ll make sure your wedding looks polished, gorgeous, and dark!

A few of our favorite Halloween wedding ideas include:

  • The right venue
  • Gothic candelabras
  • Unusual pumpkins
  • Don't be afraid of color
  • White works too
  • Decorate with glitter and gold
  • Use skulls tastefully
  • Create a spooky glow with the right lighting
  • Emphasize "'Til Death"
  • Décor and favors that guests can wear

Bride and Groom Walking Through a Cemetery: Rock My Wedding

The Right Venue

Decorating for a Halloween wedding can be hard. Make it easier by choosing the right Halloween wedding venue!

For example, you could have your wedding at a haunted house or in a graveyard. Victorian homes are the perfect place for Halloween weddings too. Think outside in a dying garden or in an old Victorian home that looks like the Beetlejuice house. When you choose the right venue, your wedding will look spooky without you even having to try.

Wedding Centerpiece Featuring Candelabras: Style Me Pretty

Gothic Candelabras

If you’re going for classy Halloween wedding ideas, think about ways you can make your nuptials more gothic and less Halloweeny. One way to do that is to use candelabras.

From five arm candelabras to three arm candelabras, hanging candelabras, and floor candelabras in shades of gold and brass, they are an easy way to give your wedding a gothic feel. You can also paint them black for an even darker look.

Wooden Stump Background Featuring White and Orange Pumpkins: 100 Layer Cake

Unusual Pumpkins

Pumpkins are popular at fall weddings, and they’re popular at Halloween weddings too. If you want to elevate the look of your wedding day, don’t just use orange pumpkins. Choose unusual pumpkins too. Natural pumpkins in different colors covered in warts are a lot of fun, as are painted pumpkins, if you’re artistic enough to pull it off.

Skull Centerpiece With Flowers: 123 Wedding Cards

Don't Be Afraid of Color 

When it comes to Halloween wedding decorations, most brides and grooms gravitate towards black and red. These are classic Halloween colors, but there are many other colors to choose from!

Purple is a favorite Halloween wedding color, but you can also get away with other colors too. Jewel tones in shades of green, yellow, and blue can look just as much at home at a Halloween wedding as ruby red and black.

White Wedding Cake Decorated With Black Butterflies: Wedding Forward

White Works Too

Just because Halloween weddings used to be black affairs doesn’t mean white can’t work! We love the way white pumpkins, ghostly skulls, white poppies, and white wedding cakes look when combined with other elements, like black tablecloths, red roses, and brass candelabras. It’s a quick and easy way to get the classy Halloween wedding you’re looking for.

Black and Gold Halloween Table Setting: Popsugar

Decorate with Glitter and Gold

If you love the look of jewel tones and white in addition to classic black and red at a Halloween wedding, you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that we love the look of glitter and gold too!

When done the right way, it can add a glamorous touch to your wedding day. Try Halloween wedding ideas that include black sequin table runners, gourds and apples painted gold, and candles that drip gold wax as they melt.

Red Velvet Skull Centerpiece: Bespoke Bride

Use Skulls Tastefully 

Skulls can be a great accessory to incorporate into Halloween wedding centerpieces, but you do have to be careful. You can go from a tasteful Halloween wedding to a trashy Halloween wedding real fast if you use cheap Styrofoam or plastic skulls.

Instead, look for tasteful, high-quality, unique skulls. Try velvet skulls, hand-painted skulls, and animal skulls to elevate the look of your wedding.

Spooky Wedding Aisle Decorated With Candles and Lights: Honey Bramble

Create a Spooky Glow with the Right Lighting 

Lighting is on the to-do list for any wedding, but it’s especially important when it comes to elegant Halloween wedding ideas. You can really set the tone for a spooky event when you use lights the right way.

Long taper candles are a better choice than tealight candles when you’re going for a spooky atmosphere. Skip the fairy lights and decorate with Edison bulbs, or hide white Christmas lights under layers of fabric for an eerie glow.

Neon “‘Til Death” Sign Hung Above a Reception Table: Here Comes The Guide

Emphasize "Til Death" 

Death is not something most people think about at a wedding, but it’s quite a romantic notion to commit to someone you love until death. That’s why it’s the perfect thing to emphasize at a spooky, gothic wedding.

Emphasize “’Til Death” at your wedding with neon letters, top your Halloween wedding cake with this phrase, and evoke a sense of impermanence with coffin ring holders and tombstone wedding signs.

Vampire Fang Place Card Holders: Offbeat Bride

Decor and Favors That Guests Can Wear 

If you want to plan a classy, glamourous Halloween wedding, it probably isn’t a good idea to let guests dress up however they want. Otherwise, you’ll end up with guests who are wearing embarrassing or downright ugly costumes. Instead, hand out Halloween wedding favors that guests can wear.

For example, vampire fangs can hold place cards and be worn by guests, while masquerade masks can be placed on plates and worn throughout the reception.

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