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10 Creative Ideas for How to Use Mirror Wedding Décor

Mirrors are a popular décor item at weddings because round beveled mirrors can easily be placed under bud vases and candles to create some sparkle, but this decoration is so overdone that wedding guests have come to expect it. Not to mention, it can be very hard to pull off without the whole centerpiece looking cheesy.

Don’t give up on mirror wedding décor just yet! There are many creative ways to decorate with mirrors at your wedding, whether you’re planning a glam black tie affair, a breezy beach wedding, or a funky art gallery wedding.

Table Setting Featuring a Geometric Mirror Charger Plate: Koyal Wholesale

Set the Table With Mirror Charger Plates 

Guests may expect beveled mirrors under candles and bud vases, but they won’t expect mirrors under their dinner plate! Minimalist mirror charger plates look great at nearly any wedding, while bejeweled mirrors are perfect at a big ballroom wedding. Geometric mirror charger plates are our favorite pick for boho beach weddings that need a little sparkle.

Table Centerpiece Featuring Mirror Vases: Koyal Wholesale

Put Flowers in Mirror Vases

Our favorite mirror wedding décor ideas incorporate mirrors in unexpected ways. For example, instead of placing mirrors underneath flower arrangements, cover the vases themselves!

This is a great DIY project, but you can also purchase mirror vases pre-made that can elevate the look of your reception tables. They can make small tables seem bigger, and they can reflect candlelight to create a romantic atmosphere.

Flowers and Candles on a Decorative Mirror Tray: Wedding Forward

Place Bud Vases and Candles on Mirror Trays

If you like the look of putting candles and flowers on top of mirrors, but you worry it will end up looking cheap, choose mirrored trays instead. Both square trays and hexagonal trays are popular with brides and grooms because they can be used long after the wedding is over. They’re great for glam weddings, but they can also give a garden wedding a jewel box look.

Mirrors Hung Behind a Wedding Cake: Happy Wed

Hang Mirrors on the Wall as Decoration

One of the most versatile mirror wedding decor ideas includes hanging mirrors on the wall. They can hang behind the wedding cake, they can be hung on the walls in the ceremony space, and they can make a vignette lounge pop. It’s especially striking if you use mirrors in different shapes, like hexagons and circles.

Just make sure you consider your photographer. For example, a mirror backdrop at a daytime ceremony won’t cause too many problems, but using a flash to take nighttime pictures in front of a mirrored wall might.

Table Seating Etched Into Mirrors: Green Wedding Shoes

Use Mirrors as Signs 

It’s extremely easy to etch glass at home, which means you can etch mirrors and use them as signs! Use a rectangular mirrored sign to welcome guests to your ceremony, show people to their table number with etched mirrors, and create a menu next to the bar that features signature drinks.

Floral Arrangement Decorated With Disco Balls: McMinnville Bindery

Decorate With Disco Balls

Planning a fun and funky wedding? Why not make disco balls part of your décor? They can obviously hang above the dance floor, but it’s a lot of fun if you hang different sized balls above reception tables, if they are scattered on the floor around floral arrangements, or you create a photo backdrop out of tinsel and disco balls.

Square Vase Filled With Mirror Glass: Koyal Wholesale

Place Mirror Glass Confetti in Vases

If you think about mirror wedding décor in creative ways, you will find that there tons of ways to use this material throughout your big day! For example, you can use decorative mirror glass inside vases and votives in place of other materials, like those flat gems that everyone else seems to use. Not only are they a classier alternative to traditional vase filler, they also reflect the light better at candlelit receptions.

Reception Seating Featuring Mirrored Chairs and Tables: California Wedding Day

Incorporate Mirror Furniture

Mirror furniture is beautiful in the home, but it can be beautiful at a wedding too. Mirrored chairs and tables can make your wedding look expensive, while mirrored coffee tables and dressers can be incorporated into a boho seating vignette.

Mirrored Wedding Cake Topper: Koyal Wholesale

Top Your Cake With Mirrored Letters

Cake toppers don’t just depict the bride and a groom anymore. Cake topper phrases are popular with brides and grooms who want a more modern look for their wedding cake, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun!

Instead of choosing a wooden or plastic topper, consider a mirrored glass topper. You can find them constructed out of traditional silver mirror material, but you can also find mirrored rose gold and yellow gold too.

Bride Walking Down an Aisle Made Out of Mirrors: Martha Stewart

Walk Down A Reflective Aisle

If you really want all eyes to be on you as you walk down the aisle, it doesn’t get any better than a reflective aisle!

An aisle made out of mirrors will make any ceremony space seem glamorous, but it is especially popular with brides who want to make a statement and walk down the aisle alone. Just make sure you choose glass that won’t crack easily, and stay away from stiletto heels that can not only damage the glass, but they can also cause you to lose your footing.






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