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10 Elevated Wedding Centerpiece Ideas for Long Tables

Long tables are a staple at most wedding events. They are perfect when used for displays, and they can seat many guests at the same table, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy to decorate!

If you don’t want just any table centerpieces—you want elevated centerpieces for a long table—you’ve got to think a little bit outside the box with these centerpiece ideas.

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    1. Tall Centerpiece With Roses, Peonies, and Other Flowers

Flowers will always be a favorite way to decorate long tables, but other flowers like roses, peonies, and hydrangeas create beautiful displays too. Tall orchid centerpieces are especially popular because not only are they gorgeous, but their long, skinny stems make it easy to carry on a conversation with guests sitting on the other side of the table.

     2. Tall Wedding Centerpiece Stands

Tall wedding centerpiece stands are an especially effective way to display floral details on a long table, but get a little creative and you’ll find they are a great way to display other decorations too. 

When you’re planning a wedding, tall metal centerpieces can be used to display flowers, fairy lights, feathers, and more. They enable people at the table to carry on a conversation while adding height to your display.

     3. Elevated Greenery Centerpieces Without Flowers

Don’t discount the impact greenery can have on your wedding, even if flowers aren’t involved. Elevated greenery centerpieces can include living branches and dried naturals, like eucalyptus and pampas grass. Tall centerpieces that feature succulents look especially striking when planters are hung over the table.

     4. Tropical Centerpieces 

One specific greenery trend is the use of tall tropical centerpieces and details throughout the wedding. It’s a great way to provide your wedding with a tropical feel, even if you aren’t anywhere near the equator. Consider tropical plants like pineapples, Monstera leaves, and palm fronds.

     5. Simple White Elevated Centerpieces

White centerpieces always look clean and polished. From using baby’s breath in huge quantities to white candles and white feathers, nothing says bridal quite like white elevated centerpieces that trail from one end of a long table to the other.

Tall Vase Made out of a Log: Deer Pearl Flowers, Rustic Centerpiece with Lanterns: Wedding Forward, Candelabra Centerpieces with Greenery: JJ's House

     6. Non-Floral Wedding Centerpieces

If you’re on a budget and can’t afford countless stems of roses, or you’re simply looking for more environmentally-friendly centerpieces that can be reused long after your wedding is over, consider tall, non-floral wedding centerpieces.

The only limit is your imagination! Feathers and fairy lights are popular, while strings of crystal can give your special day a luxe look.

      7. Tall Lantern Centerpieces

Although lanterns fit into the non-floral category, they deserve their own spot on the list because they are so popular. With so many different kinds of lanterns to choose from, you can create a look that matches the theme of your big day perfectly.

Tall lantern centerpieces that feature oversized lanterns are especially striking. They can stand alone, or they can be mixed on the table with smaller lanterns for an eclectic look.

      8. Centerpieces With a Nautical Touch

Beach weddings will always be a favorite of brides and grooms, but you can still get that beachy feel at a landlocked wedding when you choose to incorporate tall nautical centerpieces on your display and dining tables. Think displays that incorporate sailor’s knots, driftwood, seashells, and anchors.

      9. Rustic Centerpieces

Rustic weddings are still popular, and tall rustic centerpieces are especially popular because you can source materials for little to no cost. Create a simple vase out of twigs or cut platforms out of large branches. Homemade planter boxes turned upside down can also add height to a table.

      10. Centerpieces That Feature Candles

Candles will always be right at home at a wedding because they are the easiest way to create an intimate, romantic atmosphere. They can be integrated with other tall centerpieces, like flowers, but they also look striking when they’re arranged alone on the table. With just a few hurricane vases, candelabras, or candles in different shapes and sizes, you can create DIY elevated centerpieces in minutes.

If you are decorating long tables, you need a striking display that complements the size of the table as well as the theme of your big day. With these elevated centerpieces, you’ll create a beautiful top-to-bottom display that encourages your guests to look up and take in every corner of the space.

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