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10 Expert Tips for A Fall Wedding On The Beach

When you think of fall weddings, you probably think of forest retreats, parks full of changing colors, and barnyard fêtes surrounded by pumpkins. Although these are very much traditional and beautiful ideas for a fall wedding, the autumn season happens everywhere. That means you can have your fall wedding on the beach!

A fall beach wedding can be quite beautiful, but it is true that many of the things you associate with fall weddings look a little out of place. Follow these tips and you can host your wedding celebration on the beach when the weather starts to cool and the sun goes down early.

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Choose a Theme That Matches the Style of the Beach

Tropical beaches are popular wedding destinations, but there are many different kinds of beaches. Consider fall wedding themes and colors that match. For example, a tropical southern beach might feature things like driftwood and deep greenery, while a northeastern beach may be better suited to decorations that feature powder blue and sea glass.

Choose Fall-Friendly Colors

Wedding themes go hand-in-hand with colors, which is important to get right if you’re hosting a fall beach wedding. Not all popular fall wedding color combinations are appropriate, but you should still try and choose fall-friendly colors. For example, jewel tones can look stunning on the beach, but you may want to avoid hues like navy and burgundy, which are associated with more traditional fall weddings.

Bring in Rustic Décor

Rustic décor always has a place at fall weddings! A fall wedding on the beach may not include old barn doors and wooden stumps, but it can include things like lanterns, wine barrels, and wooden signs. We especially love the idea of using old pieces of driftwood throughout the décor.

Don’t Shy Away From Beachy Details

Just because it’s the fall and you want to include rustic details doesn’t mean you should totally forget about beachy details! You just have to tone it down a bit. For example, filler sand can be used at the bottom of vases and candle holders, sand dollars can be used as seating cards, and charger plates can still mimic the look of the ocean.

Choose a Dress With a Little More Coverage

Attire for a beach wedding usually means strapless or spaghetti strap gowns. Heavy, long-sleeved dresses are still out of place on the beach, but a little more coverage is needed. Consider a gown with lacy sleeves and have your bridesmaids wear cold shoulder gowns. Woven shawls, cover ups, and kimonos can also be used if the temperatures dip in the afternoon and evening.

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Plan the Timing of Your Ceremony Carefully

The timing of a fall wedding on the beach is vital. The sun goes down earlier in the fall, so you may have to consider candles inside tall hurricane candle holders if you want a dusk ceremony. Know the busiest times on the beach so you can avoid onlookers, and know where the tide is. Just because you checked the beach out in the morning a few days ago doesn’t mean the water is going to be in the same spot during your afternoon ceremony!

Hand Out Blankets or Shrugs

Shawls and coverups can be a stylish way to accessorize for a fall wedding on the beach, but guests could benefit from a little warmth too. Being near the water can be chilly if the 

breeze picks up or the sun goes down! Provide everyone with blankets or shrugs as guest favors. Just make sure you choose something woven and avoid overly heavy, inappropriate materials, like fur.

Consider the Wind

The wind can make things chilly at your beach wedding, but it can wreak even more havoc if you aren’t careful. It’s easy for things to get blown away, so make sure you tie everything down. Tents should be weighted on all four corners, décor should be taped or tied down, and table runners should fit the table so excess fabric isn’t stuck blowing around in the wind.

Have a Plan for the Sand

Not only do you have to plan ahead for the wind, you should also plan for sand. No matter what time of the year, it can end up everywhere! Encourage guests to go barefoot at your ceremony and go barefoot yourself. Baby powder wicks moisture away, making it easy to wipe off sand, so make sure it’s available for you, your bridal party, and guests. Soft paint brushes can also make for fun wedding favors!

Bring the Party Inside

In the summer, you may be able to host your wedding outdoors all night long. In the fall, you may want to consider bringing the party inside to get out of the wind and the chilly air. If you have your heart set on an outside reception, at least make sure there are fully enclosed tents, indoor bathrooms, and other respites from the fall weather on the beach.


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