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10 Fall and Winter Wedding Backdrop Ideas

A wedding backdrop banner is a popular way to decorate a ceremony or reception space. They can provide a focal point to draw the attention of guests to a multi-tiered cake at a winter wedding, they can provide you with the perfect spot to exchange vows at an outdoor fall wedding, and wedding photo backdrops can be a fun way to encourage guests to take pictures and post them on social media.

Looking for wedding backdrop ideas that will inspire you to create the perfect banner for your upcoming fall or winter wedding? From traditional materials to offbeat inspiration, these ideas will help you create a wedding backdrop banner that’s perfect for your big day.

Simple Greenery Backdrop: Country Living

      1.  Wedding Backdrop Greenery and Flowers

Flower walls are immensely popular, but don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s the only way you can use natural materials to create a striking wedding backdrop banner.

String traditional fall wedding flowers on fishing line and hang the strings from a solid-colored backdrop, combine floral elements with other things, like fabric, or celebrate the winter season with a backdrop covered in evergreen branches and pine cones.

Don’t think you have to use real flowers either! Paper and silk flowers can look just as beautiful on a wedding backdrop as the real thing.

Deconstructed Backdrop Made of Dried Naturals: 100 Layer Cake

      2.  Wedding Backdrop Banner With Dried Naturals

Dried naturals are a great choice if you want a wedding backdrop with rustic details. Create a wispy, deconstructed backdrop out of pampas grass and palm fronds or cover a wedding backdrop banner in sprigs of eucalyptus.

Incorporating dried flowers looks especially striking at fall and winter weddings. Think dried mums and wheat at a fall wedding, and consider birch branches and mini gypsophila at a winter wedding.

Macramé Wedding Backdrop With Dreamcatchers: Festival Brides

      3.  Macramé Hangings

Macramé is having a real moment in home décor, and it’s making a huge comeback at weddings too.

Macramé is a great choice for your upcoming boho-inspired fall or winter wedding, and because the entire wedding backdrop banner can be comprised of a single design, it will be easy to hang when the big day arrives.

If you want to be a bit more creative, choose a wedding backdrop with macramé that is decorated with flowers, or create a stunning display out of smaller macramé designs, like dreamcatchers.

Simple Velvet Wedding Ceremony Backdrop: Brides

      4.  Fabric and Tulle Wedding Backdrop Banner

A wedding backdrop in tulle is a great choice for a winter wedding, as it can have an icy appearance when styled just right, but other types of fabric are also great when creating a wedding backdrop banner.

For example, heavy velvet in jewel tones can give a fall wedding a moody appearance, while burlap looks right at home at a rustic barn wedding.

Fabric can hang straight to the floor, or you can get a bit more creative and create swags, hang the fabric like curtains, or crisscross it for a modern look.

Round Metal Wedding Backdrop With Flowers: Fab Mood

      5.  Unique Shapes

When you think of a wedding backdrop banner, the traditional square and rectangular shapes come to mind. Think outside the box and consider a unique shape instead.

A round metal wedding arch decorated with the flowers of the fall or winter season, depending on your wedding date, is an eye-catching choice, and one that guests won’t expect. If you’re looking for rustic appeal at a fall wedding, consider a triangle constructed out of reclaimed wood, or consider a display that multiple hanging shapes like metal hoops, diamonds, and hexagons at a modern winter wedding.

Wedding Backdrop With Hanging Pendant Lights: Wedding Forward

      6.  Lighted Backdrops

If your ceremony or reception is taking place at night, there’s nothing more romantic than a wedding backdrop featuring lights. Fairy lights and traditional string lights are easy to use, they can enhance any backdrop, and they are affordable, but don’t forget to consider less traditional light sources when designing your wedding backdrop banner.

Consider hanging pendant lights and light bulbs from your backdrop at a winter wedding when the sun goes down early. When done safely, candles secured in safe candle holders can also be hung for an especially romantic feeling at your fall or winter wedding.

Handwritten Scroll Backdrop: Wedding Wire

      7.  Wedding Backdrop With Letters and Phrases

Have something you want to say to your soon-to-be-spouse? Or maybe you have a favorite poem you want to share with guests? Say it with wedding backdrop letters!

An “It Was Always You” wedding backdrop is popular with brides, but you can say anything with chunky wooden letters. Unpainted wooden letters in the bride and groom’s initials can be used on a wedding backdrop banner at a fall wedding, while a long piece of parchment can be hung on a wall to liven up an otherwise boring hotel banquet hall when you’re stuck inside at a winter wedding.

Woven Carpet Wedding Backdrop: Green Wedding Shoes

      8.  Carpets and Tapestries

Creating and hanging a wedding backdrop banner can be time consuming, especially if you’re stuck styling your ceremony backdrop when you should be getting ready for your nuptials. Choosing a wedding backdrop tapestry or carpet can make it much easier.

Antique carpets can look especially striking when hung on a wall. Because they have a heavy appearance, they are most at home at winter weddings. Woven rugs and light, decorative fabric tapestries look beautiful at a fall wedding when colors and designs match the season.

Wedding Backdrop Featuring Chandeliers: Wed Luxe

      9.  Three Dimensional Backdrops

It's easy to get stuck thinking two dimensionally when designing a wedding backdrop banner, but you can really make an impact on your ceremony or reception space by thinking more three dimensionally.

You can use the other ideas on this list to create the base of your backdrop, but consider using other kinds of three dimensional elements in your display. A backdrop chandelier used in weddings can give your winter wedding a classy, black tie appearance, while things like peace signs, wooden doors, and perfectly draped wooden beads can add depth to your fall wedding backdrop.

Wedding Banner Backdrop: Love My Dress

      10.  Wedding Backdrop in Vinyl

If you’re looking for the simplest solution of all, turn to a wedding backdrop in vinyl. They don’t have to be cheap-looking, as long as you design your wedding backdrop banner carefully.

Simple designs end up looking the classiest. Print your names and wedding date in black ink on a white background. Avoid printing colorful designs directly on the canvas. Instead, consider using a laser cuter or hole punch to give it the appearance of wintery wedding backdrop lace, or design the sign on-site with fall florals like dahlias, antique hydrangeas, and sunflowers.



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