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10 Winter Wedding Centerpieces Without Flowers

The winter season isn’t exactly known for bountiful blooms. As a winter bride, you can use this to your advantage when creating December wedding centerpieces! Not only are flowerless centerpieces often easier to assemble, they are often much more affordable.

No matter what your winter wedding theme or what your personal taste, there are wonderful December wedding centerpiece ideas that you can consider that don’t require a single flower.

Pine Cone and Winter Greenery Centerpiece: Junebug Weddings

      1.  Pine Cones and Winter Greenery

Just because you aren’t using flowers doesn’t mean you can’t design December wedding centerpieces without inspiration from Mother Nature! Pine cones are popular with winter brides, as are swags of spruce, fir, and pine.

These options are great for a nature-themed wedding that you’re planning this December. Not to mention, incorporating evergreen branches in your December wedding table centerpieces will make your reception space smell like the season!

Birch Branch and Candle Centerpiece: Weddingomania

      2.  Branches and Dried Naturals

If you’re going for a more rustic feel at your upcoming winter wedding, consider December wedding centerpiece ideas that utilize branches and dried naturals.

This option is an especially good idea for brides who are going for a Winter White theme at their ceremony and reception because winter wedding branch centerpieces often utilize branches from trees that have white bark. Use birch disks as platforms for other decorations, scatter bare branches along the middle of tables, and use things like creamy pampas grass and shimmering Lunaria in lieu of flowers.


Gingerbread House Table Runner: The Farm Chicks

      3.  Berries and Food

If you’re designing centerpieces for your December wedding reception, it doesn’t get any better than food! That includes items that are technically edible, but won’t be eaten, as well as treats that guests can snack on.

For example, December wedding centerpieces that feature watery cranberries in vases or on branches can add much-needed color to a winter wedding, while centerpieces that feature gingerbread houses and candy canes can invite guests in for a nibble.

Simple Candle Centerpiece: Wedding Forward

      4.  Candles

December wedding centerpieces can sometimes run the risk of looking a little cheesy. If you want elegant winter wedding centerpieces, you definitely have to incorporate candles.

Nothing is more romantic and chic than a table that is enhanced by soft candlelight. Construct your winter wedding candle centerpieces using tea light candle holders, taper candle holders, hurricane vases, or a combination of all three.

Fairy Lights Under Cloche Domes: Mujerhoy

      5.  Lighting

It gets dark very early in the winter, which is why centerpieces for a December wedding can always benefit from lighting. It can set the mood at your reception, and when you use creative colors, like blue, you can create an icy effect that’s perfect for a winter wedding with a blue color palette.

Fairy lights are the most popular choice for December wedding centerpieces. They can be stuffed in apothecary jars or scattered on table runners among other decorations, like fir branches.

Snowflake Ice Block Centerpiece: Plum Creek Place

      6.  Snowflakes

No winter wonderland wedding is complete without plenty of snowflakes! Use them in your December wedding centerpieces for a flower-free, and often very affordable, option.

Some of the best December wedding centerpiece ideas that feature snowflakes include submerging them in water inside hurricane vases, scattering the table with snowflake-shaped confetti, affixing them to candles, and using them to decorate place cards.

Bare Branch Centerpiece Dripping in Jewels: Stylish Wedd

      7.  Jewels, Gems, and Glitter

There’s nothing like the sparkle of fresh fallen snow. If you want to recreate that look at your wedding, choose winter wedding centerpieces that feature jewels, gems, and glitter.

For example, December wedding centerpieces that feature branches and pine cones can be covered with glitter, gems can be submerged in water underneath floating candles, and jewels can be hung from wispy branches that are arranged upright in the middle of the table.

Geometric Terrariums With Candles: Deer Pearl Flowers

      8.  Geometric Accessories

Geometric details are a popular wedding trend, and it’s easy to see why. Winter wedding centerpieces that feature geometric terrariums, gilded boxes, and abstract vase shapes look beautiful on any reception table.

Nearly anything can be placed in December wedding centerpieces that feature geometric containers. Succulents are a popular option, but you can also use candles, fake snow, berries, and more to provide your wedding with a decidedly winter appearance.

Christmas Ornament Centerpiece: MODwedding

      9.  Christmas Ornaments

If you’re going for a holiday or Christmas theme at your wedding, the best wedding centerpiece ideas for December weddings undoubtedly include Christmas ornaments.

The wonderful thing about these December wedding centerpieces is that they can be completely customized for your wedding. Christmas tree bulbs come in every shape, color, and size. Placing them in hurricane vases is a quick and easy way to give your décor some pizazz, but they can also be piled on plates, scattered on tables, and hung from the ceiling.

Lantern Centerpiece with Candles and Pine Cones: Kate Spencer Photography

      10.  Lanterns

Lanterns are popular wedding decorations, especially as December wedding centerpieces because it gets dark early enough that your entire wedding reception is likely to take place after the sun goes down.

Winter wedding centerpieces with lanterns are perfectly enhanced with candles and fairy lights, but nearly anything can be placed inside, including many of the other items and December wedding centerpiece ideas on this list.

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