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2022 Top 10 Wedding Food Trends

Food is a huge part of your big day. Not only is it something your guests are looking forward to, but choosing the right wedding food can contribute to the ambiance of your wedding, providing you and your guests with an immersive, unforgettable experience.

If you need some inspiration, look no further than these top wedding food ideas for 2022 and beyond.


Small Reception Table in Front of a Gelato Food Truck: Wedding Chicks

Food Trucks

The popularity of wedding food trucks has surged in recent years, and it isn’t likely to go away anytime soon. That’s because it’s a fun and festive way to serve your guests delicious food!

Have tacos served from a taco truck for a relaxed dinner experience, or have an ice cream truck provide special treats to guests later on in the night. If you love this idea, consider having more than one food truck so guests can choose what they want to eat.

Reception Place Settings With Pre-Plated Salads: Infinity Hospitality Group

Seated Meals and Multiple Courses

Seated meals are making a comeback thanks to COVID-19. Plated meals are more sanitary because food, plates, and utensils are handled by just a few people instead of many. Not to mention, they instantly elevate your reception, and they allow you to more easily incorporate things like decorative charger plates into your décor.

In addition many brides and grooms are looking for ways to extend the time guests spend eating and socializing at the table. That means offering multiple plated courses that encourage guests to savor their food and linger on good conversation.

Large Grazing Table With Crackers, Olives, and Fruit: Pure Wow

Grazing Tables

Grazing tables are a fun way for guests to enjoy finger foods. They can also be quite beautiful when displayed directly on the table or on individual cutting boards. Create a single grand display or create individual grazing arrangements on each reception table.

Elevated Chicken Strip Plated Course: Brides

Elevated Nostalgia

You don’t have to choose between nostalgic comfort food and luxury dining. Caterers are increasingly offering elevated meals for couples who want to incorporate nostalgia into their wedding day. Think dressed up chicken strips and grownup mac n cheese in fancy bowls.

Homemade Mexican Street Corn Casserole: Easy Family Recipes

Family Recipes

If you’re looking for wedding food you can make yourself, look no further than this 2022 wedding trend.

Family recipes are a great way to share the foods you remember from childhood, but it’s also a great way to get your family involved. Ask grandma to make her famous pasta or give your recipe to a caterer and ask them to recreate it.

Man and Woman Holding Heart Shaped Wood Fired Pizzas: Moretti Events by Super Tuscan Wedding Planners

Story Telling Foods

One of our favorite wedding food ideas for 2022 involves making it part of the experience by choosing delicacies that tell a story. That might mean serving beignets because you and your partner met in New Orleans, wood fired pizza because of a special trip you took to Italy, or escargot at a French-themed reception.

Rustic Bread Bowl Wedding Food Station: The Knot

Food Stations

Many brides and grooms who like the idea of buffets, but don’t like how outdated they seem, are turning to wedding food stations.

Instead of forming a line for guests to serve themselves, guests visit different stations with a variety of themed food options. The more creative the better. Think DIY bread bowls, make your own baked potato, and sushi stations.

Melon Salad Made With Fresh Ingredients: Cavin Elizabeth

Hyper-Local Cuisine

Not only are couples choosing local ingredients for the food they serve at their reception, they are also turning to restaurants, chefs, and caterers who are locally-based. They are working with them to create entrées, appetizers, and desserts that reflect the area for a hyper-local feel.

Take Home Pizza Slice Boxes: Martha Stewart

To-Go Boxes

If you plan on having your reception go well into the night, dinner isn’t going to be enough. Make sure your guests are well fed long after the sun goes down with wedding food to-go boxes!

That might mean setting out to-go boxes full of takeout inspired food for guests to enjoy in between trips to the dance floor, but it might also mean providing them with a to-go box for the next morning. For example, donut favor boxes ensure everyone has something to eat when they wake up after a night of partying.

Refreshing Grapefruit Mocktail with Rosemary: Inspired by This


Alcohol will continue to be a staple at weddings, but more and more couples are toying with the idea of hosting a dry reception, while others simply want to provide an alternative for their sober guests.

The magic of modern mocktails is the fact that they feel, look, and taste just as special as regular cocktails. Serve them in gold embossed glasses, line the rim with sugar, and incorporate flavorful ingredients and your guests won’t miss the alcohol.

Picking the right food for your wedding is a personal choice. That doesn’t mean knowing what to serve is obvious! If you’re feeling a little stuck, these 2022 wedding food trends will help you start thinking about the tastes you want to have at your reception.


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