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2022 Very Peri Blue Pantone Wedding Color Motifs & Decor Ideas

The Pantone color of the year for 2022 is Very Peri!

This hue appears blue to the naked eye, providing us with feelings of serenity, but it’s hiding a secret. Built upon violet-red undertones, this color is also a joyous expression of imagination and creativity, making it one of the most dynamic colors ever chosen as the color of the year.

It also makes it one of our favorite choices for weddings! If the mood a color evokes is the most important consideration for you when choosing your wedding colors, you can’t choose a better hue than one that exudes comfort and joy at the same time!

If you love the idea of using Very Peri in your wedding, but you aren’t exactly sure how, you’ve come to the right place.

Pantone has created 2022 color palettes that show a few of the best ways to combine Very Peri with other hues. We’ve picked a few of our favorites for Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter so you can see exactly how to make Pantone’s 2022 hue come alive at your wedding.

Bridesmaids Wearing Colorful Floral Dresses: Carats and Cake, Candy Bar Featuring Bell Jars: Elle, Wedding Invitation Suite Decorated With Roses and Quirky Dog Plates: Weddings in Arkansas, Amusements Color Palette: Pantone

Amusements Color Palette

Tourmaline, Very Peri, Paradise Pink, Cornsilk

The Amusements color palette by Pantone is all about whimsy, joy, and playfulness! If you love candy-colored hues and you love the idea of hosting a carefree, colorful wedding, the amusements color palette could be the perfect choice for you.

Because it is full of cheerful colors, we love the idea of using this combination at a spring wedding. Billy balls in centerpieces are a fun, playful way to incorporate Cornsilk, bridesmaids can wear floral dresses, and details like ties, shoes, and even candles can be done in Very Peri. A candy buffet with apothecary jars full of candies colored like the rainbow would also look striking in any reception space.

This color palette is surprisingly versatile. We can see it under a big top tent to make a festival atmosphere come alive or on a beach to create a tropical vibe. It also lends itself well to quirky details, like decorative dog plates that are sure to make your guests smile.

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Treetop, Very Peri

Eco-conscious weddings will continue to be popular in 2022. The concept of reducing your carbon footprint at your wedding and the Wellspring color palettes go hand-in hand. Although Pantone’s color palettes feature a few different nature-inspired shades, we especially love the idea of keeping things simple for a summer wedding by choosing Treetop and Very Peri.

This color combination allows you to showcase nature at your wedding by making your wedding green—literally. Think arches, centerpieces, backdrop walls, and even a bouquet that is completely comprised of glossy green leaves.

With a monochromatic backdrop, Very Peri becomes the star of the show. Hydrangea is the perfect flower for this color palette, as it comes in shades of periwinkle with undertones of pink and violet. The groom would look striking in a dark green suit, while wooden reception tables punctuated by periwinkle taper candles and napkins will make guests feel like they are immersed in nature. This color palette is perfect for the outdoors, whether that be in a woodland or tropical forest.

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Balancing Act

Very Peri, Muted Clay, Granite Green, Hawthorn Rose

Boho color palettes have relied on neutral shades of white, cream, and brown with hints of mauve in the last few years. If you’re a boho bride who wants to be a little braver with color, consider this Balancing Act color palette that features shades in a variety of warm and cool colors that balance each other perfectly. We love this color palette for the fall, as well as boho-friendly locations throughout the year, like wide open desert spaces.

Take the Muted Clay hue seriously and decorate your ceremony and reception spaces with oversized clay pots arranged on the floor and smaller clay pots on the tables. Granite Green is the perfect hue for incorporating dried greenery, like eucalyptus and sage. Lay gauzy Hawthorn Rose runners on tables and have your bridal party wear Very Peri bridesmaids dresses, ties, and socks.

Bridesmaids Wearing Black Dresses Carrying White Bouquets: Inside Weddings, White, Black, and Periwinkle Blue Flower Arrangement: Wedding Chicks, Wedding Reception With Periwinkle Blue Lighting: Marry Me Tampa Bay, The Star of the Show Color Palette: Pantone

The Star of the Show

Anthracite, Volcanic Glass, Very Peri, Cloud Dancer

Not only is The Star of the Show color palette the perfect way to incorporate Very Peri into a winter wedding, it’s also perfect for those who love minimalist or industrial looks, as well as those looking to plan a black tie affair. That's because vibrant periwinkle blue is paired with neutrals to give this color palette a sense of timeless sophistication.

Infuse inky Anthracite throughout your day by asking guests to wear black to your wedding. Make sure your bridal party stands out by dressing them in smoky Volcanic Glass. Dress tables with crisp white linen and make things interesting by incorporating Very Peri in unique ways, like using dusty blue hobnail glasses, bud vase napkin rings dressed with a single blue bloom, and make the spirit of Very Peri come alive with blue up lighting throughout your reception space.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking Very Peri is a juvenile color that can only be used at spring weddings. With its depth and composition of color, it can be surprisingly sophisticated, with options that are perfect for brides and grooms, whether you’re dreaming of a beach wedding, a boho wedding, or a black tie affair.



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