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2022 Wedding Favor Trends

Are wedding favors necessary?

In 2022, the answer is no. More and more couples are forgoing wedding favors because they are expensive. Many brides and grooms would rather put the money towards the cost of food and flowers, especially when so many favors just end up in the garbage anyway.

In today’s world, guests no longer expect favors when they attend weddings. But that’s precisely what makes them so impactful in 2022!

Wedding favors can be a great way to provide your guests with a token of appreciation for being part of your big day. That is, as long as you hand out meaningful, useful favors.

Check out these 2022 wedding favor trends and ideas that your guests will actually want.

Wedding Favor Book Bar: The New York Times


Books aren’t just for library-loving couples who want to decorate with their favorite novels. They make great wedding favors.

There are a couple of different ways you can hop on the book favor trend. You can source books from thrift stores, garage sales, and local bookstores. Then, create a book bar where guests can shop for a book to take home.

You could also choose a title for each guest based on what you think they would like. Include a special message in the cover and put the books at each place setting.

Not only do guests have a book they can take home with them, books can also spark conversation. You’ll find guests talking to each other about the books they picked, while those who need a break from all the excitement of the day can sneak off into a corner and start their new novel.

Wedding Guests in the Sun Holding Parasols: Martha Stewart

Favors to Keep Guests Comfortable

Wedding guests don’t always know what they’re getting into when attending a wedding. It is nice when the couple anticipates everyone’s needs.

Paying attention the weather is especially important. For example, guests would appreciate parasols or hand fans at a summer wedding. Guests at an outdoor ceremony in the fall would appreciate wedding favor blankets.

Other ways to keep guests comfortable include having baskets of custom water bottles strategically placed at a sprawling festival wedding, or high heel protectors for guests who have to walk through grassy areas.

Wildflower Seed Wedding Favors: Junebug Weddings

Flower Seeds and Potted Plants

Wedding favor flower seeds are very popular in 2022 because guests can take the memory of your wedding day to their own garden at home. Include the same flowers in your bouquet to evoke even stronger memories of your wedding day.

Potted plants are also a great option. Not only can you use potted plants to decorate your ceremony and reception spaces, but they are rarely left behind by guests. There are always plant-loving friends and family who are willing to take home a few extra if you have some left over!

Wedding Favor Wall Covered in Bottles of Olive Oil: Wedboard

Elevated Edibles

Edible wedding favors, like cookies and candy, have been popular at weddings for a while. Although they are still appreciated, we recommend elevated edibles in 2022 and beyond.

Choose bottled and jarred favors that can be enjoyed long after your wedding day. A few ideas include:

  • Custom spice blends
  • Honey
  • Maple syrup
  • Infused olive oil
  • Steeped liquors

His and Hers Baskets of Coffee Bean Wedding Favors: Apartment Therapy

Hyper Personalized Wedding Favors

By hyper personalized, we do not mean overdone wedding favor trends, like can koozies and coasters with the bride and groom’s name and wedding date. No matter how much your guests love you, they probably aren’t going to use anything with your names on them. They aren’t going to use sunglasses that say, “Bridesmaid” after your wedding day either.

Instead, choose wedding favors that are highly personal to you and your partner. For example, coffee lovers may provide guests with a bag of their favorite beans, while luggage tags are a great option for world travelers. Think about what brought the two of you together or what you love to do as a couple. You will be inspired to choose meaningful wedding favors that your guests will actually like.

Snack Baskets With Strawberries, Grapes, and Blackberries: Martha Stewart

Local and Seasonal Specialties

A destination wedding is a great excuse to dig into local specialties when handing out favors, but even nearby locations have a culture and heritage that’s all their own. Find something that speaks to where you’re from or where you’re getting married when handing out favors.

For example, if you’re getting married in the early summer in the Midwest, consider handing out fresh strawberries. Sea shells make sense for a beach wedding, while pine cone bird feeders are a fun option for mountain weddings. Look into the culture and history where you’re getting married when looking for inspiration for your wedding favors.

Rainbow Vintage Soda Bar: The Sweetest Occasion

Beyond the Candy Bar

Candy bars are among waning wedding favor trends in 2022, but that doesn’t mean the concept of the bar is dead. There are many other fun bar options that you can do instead, like a:

  • Lemonade stand with different flavors that can be bottled and taken home
  • Soda bar with vintage bottles of different brands
  • Cigar bar where guests can enjoy one now and take some for the road
  • Spa bar with soaps, body scrubs, other items guests can pamper themselves with at home

Hand Drawn Framed Caricatures of Wedding Guests: The Knot


Artwork is a unique wedding favor idea. The more personalized the artwork, the more likely your guests will be to appreciate it. For example, have a caricature artist draw quick sketches of your guests on your wedding day. If you or your partner are artistic, consider creating personalized artwork for each guest.

Don’t think you have to stick with pencils, pens, and paint either. Pressed flowers, stained glass, and sculptures all make great wedding favors.

DIY Flower Crown Bar: Wedding Chicks

Activity Favors

Mixing and mingling won’t come naturally to all of your guests. Make shy guests more comfortable and help both sides of your families break the ice by offering activity favors.

A few ideas include:

  • Adult coloring books
  • Packs of playing cards
  • Mini board games
  • DIY flower crowns
  • Sparklers

You don’t have to hand out wedding favors if you don’t want to. But if you do, make sure you choose meaningful, useful favors that your guests will be excited to take home with them at the end of the night.


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