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2022 Wedding Favor Trends & Ideas

Figuring out the perfect wedding favors can be tricky. You don’t want to spend a ton of money, but you also want to pick favors that your guests actually like.

Let 2022 wedding favor trends guide you as you’re making your decision! Some of our favorite trends include:

  • It's all about presentation
  • Favors that guests will actually use
  • Weather-appropriate favors
  • Homemade favors
  • Alcoholic favors
  • Garden-friendly favors
  • Sweets to eat
  • Wedding weekend favor kits
  • Highly personalized favors
  • Venue-appropriate favors
  • It’s All About Presentation

There’s no doubt that the favors you choose matter, but how those wedding favors are packaged is more important in 2022 than it has ever been before.

For example, clear acrylic favor boxes are a trendy way to display unique favors. Holographic boxes are great for colorful, playful weddings, while wedding favors with mason jars are perfect for barn and rustic weddings.

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Favors That Guests Will Actually Use

The days of filling baggies with monogrammed keychains and drink koozies are long gone. Instead, start thinking about favors that your guests will actually use.

Luggage tags are great for guests who are attending a destination wedding, while guests wearing heels will appreciate slippers or flip flops.

No matter what favor you choose, don’t print your monogram or your wedding date on it. Your guests are more likely to use items over and over again if they aren’t overly personalized.

Weather-Appropriate Favors

One of our favorite 2022 wedding favor ideas is providing weather-appropriate items to your guests, especially if any portion of your wedding is taking place outdoors. A few ideas include:

  • Paper paddle fans
  • Lip balm
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Umbrellas
  • Hand warmers
  • Throw blankets

Homemade Favors

Homemade favors can be a great way to save money, and they can be more meaningful than mass produced favors, but they can look cheap too. Skip the dollar store when sourcing materials and focus on creating favors that look luxe.

Wedding favors to make include things like mini test tubes filled with tea leaves, handwritten thank you notes, handmade photo holders, and jars of homemade pickles.

Alcoholic Favors

If you’re looking for wedding favors that guys like, or favors that most adults will appreciate, look no further than alcoholic favors.

Mini bottles of champagne and luxury liquor can be consumed during the wedding or brought home to enjoy later. If you're going for a more laid back vibe, try bottles of your favorite beer or shots for guests to drink in lieu of a toast.

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Garden-Friendly Favors

Garden-friendly favors are a favorite among brides, grooms, and guests because they serve as a reminder of your wedding day, but they are beautiful too.

You can pass out wedding favors with succulents in square votive vases or use mini flower arrangements as place cards that guests can take home. Packets of seeds can be planted in home gardens and seed paper can double as place cards, menus, or thank you cards.

Sweets to Eat

Guests always love wedding favors with candy! If you want to keep things simple, place a handful Hershey’s kisses with custom stickers in boxes. Decorated sugar cookies and macarons are popular, as are Jordan almonds. If you want something a little different, try honey sticks or mini jars of jam.

Wedding Weekend Favor Kits

If you’re planning a weekend full of festivities, or if guests are joining you for a destination wedding, try putting wedding favors for guests together in a kit.

The trick is to include things they might actually need. For example, you might want to include:

  • Bottles of water with custom labels
  • Individual packages of acetaminophen or ibuprofen
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Hand lotion
  • Snacks
  • Band-Aids
  • Breath mints

Highly Personalized Favors

Instead of personalizing items with your monogram or wedding date, choose items that are personalized based on who you are as a couple.

If there’s a craft you like to do in your spare time, incorporate it into your wedding favors. For example, if you like to paint, create mini paintings for guests. If you like to cook, consider mini bottles of your favorite olive oil, or pass out used books if you and your partner are bookworms.

Venue Appropriate Favors

Let your venue inspire your choice of wedding favors. For example, if you’re planning a long Catholic ceremony inside a church, pass out seat cushions to make the pews more comfortable. If the ceremony is outdoors, pass out parasols to keep the sun at bay.

Still having trouble settling on the perfect wedding favor? Think about wedding favors you have received at weddings as you consider these 2022 wedding favor trends and you’re sure to pick little gifts that your guests will love.

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