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2022 Winter Wedding Tablescape Ideas & Decorations

Designing wedding tablescapes in the winter can be a bigger challenge than designing centerpieces during other times of the year. There aren’t a lot of blooms that are in season during the winter months, while many other brides feel pressured to scatter pine cones on tables and hang wreaths from the walls because they mistakenly think that’s about the only choices they have for seasonal décor.

There’s nothing wrong with clichéd winter décor if that’s what you love, but there is so much more to winter wedding tablescape ideas and decorations, especially if you’re planning a wedding in 2022!

Simple Wedding Tablescape Featuring Evergreen Branches and Candles: Alexa Kay Events

Skip the Flowers and Focus on Greenery

Although you can still get your hands on plenty of blooms in the winter, they are going to be more expensive because they aren’t in season. Instead, consider wedding tablescapes without flowers by focusing on greenery.

A few types of greenery to incorporate into your centerpieces and décor include:

Dried Floral Centerpiece Featuring Raw Cotton and Lunaria: One Fab Day

Go With Dried Flowers

If you like the look of flowers, but want wedding tablescapes that are a little bit different, go with dried flowers. Utilizing dried flowers and natural materials is a big trend in 2022, and it’s not just boho weddings in the summer and fall either! With a little creativity, dried flowers can look right at home at a winter wedding.

Some of our favorite dried florals that are perfect for a winter wedding include:

Reception Table Featuring a Red Velvet Tablecloth: Brandon Scott Photography

Use Heavy Tablecloths and Drapery

A winter wedding is the perfect opportunity to use heavy tablecloths and drapery that aren’t appropriate at spring and summer weddings.

Velvet is the perfect material for tablecloths at a winter wedding. It’s also great because velvet can be used to enhance the tablescapes for a wedding rehearsal dinner, then the table cloths can be reused again at the reception.

For a cozy, luxurious, cohesive look, hang the same heavy material that is draped over tables on the windows as curtains.

Small Charcuterie Board Centerpiece: Junebug Weddings

Decorate With Food

Food can be a fun way to decorate wedding tablescapes! Some brides and grooms take it to another level by decorating each table with a wedding cake for guests to enjoy, while others might arrange mini pies, charcuterie displays, or apothecary jars filled with candied nuts and dried fruit.

You can also decorate with food items that aren’t meant to be eaten. For example, gourds, whole pears, and figs can look beautifully decorative, but guests aren’t likely to taste them.

Festive Christmas Market Themed Tablescape: Glamour and Grace Blog

Give Your Wedding a Christmas Market Feel

Brides and grooms have been shying away from red and green at weddings because this color combination is overused and it can very easily end up looking chintzy. However, red and green can be stunning at a winter wedding when you focus on the vibe instead of the color scheme.

For example, you can give your wedding a Christmas market feel complete with rustic, wooden details, faux fur, edible garlands, and wedding tablescapes with lanterns.

Winter Wedding Centerpiece Featuring Bark, Pine Cones, and Snow Confetti: Emma Loves Weddings

Mimic the Look of Snow

If you want a winter wonderland feel at your wedding without the cold, find ways to mimic the look of snow throughout your décor. Cotton can be puffed, fluffed, and placed on tables, white feathers can be piled around the base of a candle holder tray, and tables can be sprinkled with eco-friendly snow confetti.

This idea is also great if you’re looking for wedding tablescapes on a budget. You can get a high-impact look while spending next-to-no money on materials that are relatively cheap at any craft store.

Winter Tablescape Featuring Candles, Lightbulbs, and String Lights: Wedding Forward

More Than Just Candlelight

Candlelight was made for winter weddings, but that doesn’t mean you should decorate tables with votive candle holders and call it a day. The best winter wedding tablescapes incorporate other forms of light too.

Romantic weddings utilize string lights and fairy lights draped on walls, inside cloches, and strung through flower arrangements. If you want to give your wedding a little bit of an edge, hang Edison bulbs, while classy brides and grooms will love the look of sparkling chandeliers.

Mixed Metallic Place Setting Featuring Rose Gold and Silver: Elegant Wedding

Include Metallic Details

Wedding tablescapes for your reception have to do double duty. They have to look beautiful, but they also have to provide a comfortable place for your guests to eat. Make the plates, glasses, and silverware part of your décor by including stunning metallic details.

Choose charger plates stamped in gold vintage lace, rose gold silverware, and silver toasting goblets. The more you mix and match the metals you use, the better—mixing metals on reception tables is a huge trend for 2022!

Wedding Tablescape Featuring an Acrylic Table Number: Style Me Pretty

Incorporate The Look of Ice

Winter weddings are cold. Instead of fighting it, look for ways to incorporate the look of ice in your wedding tablescapes and décor.

It could mean literal ice, like decorating tables with ice sculptures, but it doesn’t have to. Acrylic details are hugely popular at weddings, and its clear, glassy appearance makes this material perfect for winter weddings. Display table numbers on mini acrylic easels, arrange donuts on clear acrylic donut stands, and scatter acrylic ice gems on reception tables.

Hanging Winter-Themed Chandelier Wreath: Ruffled Blog

Hanging and Dangling Details

Wedding tablescapes that feature hanging centerpieces are stunning at any wedding, but they are even more stunning at winter weddings, especially when you let the season guide you.

Wreaths are easy to hang above tables, and they really come alive when you allow tendrils of hanging berries, lights, and blooms to hang from the greenery and sway in the air. You can hang sparkling crystal snowflakes above the dance floor, pine cones above the dessert table, or hang glass orbs above the head table filled with flameless tealight candles.






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