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2023 The Best Wedding Dates to Avoid

Picking a wedding date can be hard! Not only do you have to consider the actual day itself, which means picking a day that’s convenient for you and your guests, you also have to consider the fact that it’s a date you will continue to celebrate throughout your marriage. You want to make sure you pick a date that you appreciate now and in the future!

If you’re struggling to decide between wedding dates for 2023, look no further. Here are some of the best and worst wedding dates for 2023 to help you decide which date is perfect for you and your partner.

Best Wedding Dates in 2023

The best wedding dates in 2023, as well as the worst, are often a matter of opinion. What seems like a great idea to one couple may seem like a terrible idea to another. Here are a few of our favorite wedding dates for 2023. Consider the ones that make sense for you and leave the rest.

Auspicious Wedding Dates

Auspicious wedding dates are popular in Chinese culture, with different dates signifying different things. For example, if you’re planning a January 2023 wedding, having your wedding on January 12th would be great if the two of you love to travel. Those who look forward to having children may want to get married on January 23rd.

Check out more auspicious wedding dates here.

Cool and Quirky Wedding Dates

If you are looking for a memorable wedding day, consider something cool and quirky. For example, a fall 2023 wedding on October 14 will come with a solar eclipse if you have your ceremony in the southwestern United States.

Other cool and quirky wedding dates include:

  • April Fool’s Day, which falls on a Saturday in 2023
  • A Friday the 13th wedding on either January 13th or October 13th
  • Getting married on a full moon, especially the blue moon on August 30th

Fun With Numbers

Couples have had a lot of fun wedding dates to choose from over the past few decades thanks to repeating numbers. Think 12-12-2012 or 11-11-2011. This option is fun the day-of, but it also ensures you and your partner never forget your wedding date!

There are some fun 2023 dates to choose from. Your February wedding could take place on 2-3-2023. A March 2023 wedding would be fun to host on 3-2-2023 or 3-23-2023. The date 3-20-2023 is a fun one because it's also a palindrome!

2023 Wedding Dates to Avoid

Take these 2023 wedding dates to avoid with a grain of salt. They could work out for you and your partner, but they may require overcoming some hurdles that aren’t worth jumping. That’s why we generally recommend not choosing one of these days.

Long Weekends

Long weekends give everyone an extra day to attend an out-of-town or festival wedding. However, these weekends are also extremely popular with brides and grooms. If you want to avoid competing for premier venues and paying higher prices for vendors, avoid a 2023 wedding on Memorial Day weekend May 27th-29th and Labor Day weekend September 2nd-4th.

Meaningful Holidays

Having a wedding on a holiday can be fun, but some guests might not be willing to attend. For example, guests may turn down a destination wedding that’s a little too close to Christmas or a wedding that takes place on Easter weekend.

Thinking about nearby holidays is an important consideration for the bride and groom too. If you worry that some of your guests might be tempted to show up in costume (and you don’t want them to), you may want to avoid October 2023 wedding dates the weekend before or after Halloween.

Sporting Events

Sporting events are a huge consideration as well. If your friends or family love football, you probably won’t want to get married on an important game day.

Also consider the sports that important guests love. For example, if you’re planning an April 2023 wedding and you are thinking about getting married the weekend of April 8th, you should know that’s also Masters weekend. If your dad loves golf, he will spend less time being present with you in the moment and more time watching the action unfold on your wedding day.

Other Considerations For Wedding Dates in 2023

It’s important to consider your wants, your needs, and your family and friends. A date that would be a problem for one couple may not be a problem for another. For example, if your friends and family don’t care about basketball, you can have your wedding during March Madness. If your friends and family aren’t religious, having your wedding on Yom Kippur won't be a problem.

Of course, some popular 2023 wedding dates are popular simply because they take place during wedding season. There is a lot of competition between couples for weddings that take place in June or September. If you want more venue and vendor choices at better prices, you might want to consider a weekday wedding or a different month altogether.

The most important thing is to pick a date that is meaningful for both you and your partner now so that it continues to have meaning for you as you celebrate your anniversary decades in the future.

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