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5 Simple Yet Amazing DIY Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

Store-bought birthday party decorations can look great by themselves, but throwing in some original, homemade DIY birthday party decoration ideas can really make your event pop! And getting creative doesn’t have to break the bank on your party budget or take lots of time and effort. A little bit of pre-prep in the days before the party can give you plenty of time to make unique pieces that will wow your party guests.

Make a Picture Poster to Honor the Birthday Person

If you’re the parent of the birthday kid, this DIY birthday party idea should be very easy for you! Others might have to do some digging to find the pictures they need. Try to gather pictures from every year of the person’s life from birth and up. Or, just get a set that shows them as they’ve grown into their current age. Then, attach them to a poster board or cork board that can be displayed to guests. Write or print out a title for the board, like “Happy Birthday (Name)” or “(Name) Throughout the Years”. You can also add some streamers, balloons, or tack small items to the board that mean something personal to the birthday person.

Three wine bottles with flowers in them.

Add Flowers

Flower bouquets add a classic and beautiful touch to occasions like weddings, dinners, and anniversaries, but they also work great for DIY birthday party ideas. And, you don’t have to run out and buy flower vases or spend money on flowers. Small flower vases can be made from tons of containers. Are you a wine drinker? Then save those wine bottles and easily remove the labels by soaking them in baking soda water and giving them a light scrub off. If your birthday party is in spring or summer, consider taking a local hike to see what wildflowers you can bring home instead of buying flowers from a store. Even simple greens, like ferns, will look nice in vases on your party tables.

Dog sitting in front of a birthday cake.

Get Creative with Streamers

Streamers are a super cheap and standard decor item. We all know how streamers can be twisted and hung high in big half-loops from the walls or ceiling, but what else can be done with them as a DIY birthday party idea? Streamers can also be used to:  

  1. Create a curtain that can be hung in a doorway or across the opening of a room.
  2. Make a multi-colored backdrop on a wall as an accent piece or a background for a photoshoot area.
  3. Tie them to the backs of chairs so they hang down to the floor in a colorful sheet.
  4. Group a bunch of short pieces of streamers together to form a tassel. Then twist-tie them together and make a string of tassel garland.
  5. Tape pieces to a ceiling fan and watch them swirl around when you turn the fan on.
 A woman standing in front of a cluster of white and yellow balloons

Make the Most of Balloons

Balloons are another affordable must-have for a party, and you can do so much more with them than simply inflating them and letting them scatter or tying them to a chair.

Make a balloon ribbon with different colors and sizes that stretches across an entire room. Or, create a balloon arch to accent a table. You can also tape them to a wall to create a fun backdrop for photos.

Consider making your balloons match a theme, too. For homemade ice cream themed birthday party ideas, make balloons into ice cream cone decorations. Simply take some tan construction paper, fold it into a cone shape, and tape it to the bottom of a balloon. Or, make a balloon caterpillar for a woodland themed party by tying lots of balloons together.

Create a Happy Birthday Banner

A happy birthday banner at a party

A store-bought banner is a common decoration at a birthday party, but DIY ideas can be super easy to pull off, too! All you really need is some colored paper, a printer, and some string. You can print out the letters to the words ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ and cut them out in flag, circle, or balloon shapes. Punch a hole at the top and string them all together to hang on a wall. If you go with balloon shapes, you can also tape a piece of string to each balloon for a more authentic balloon look. You can make your DIY banner say anything you want it to.

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