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How to Choose the Perfect Centerpiece for Your Event

With such an important event coming up, you want to make sure that every little detail is absolutely perfect. Sure, the cake and the dress are a big deal, but what about the smaller things? Have you found the best centerpiece for your reception yet? At Koyal Wholesale, we happen to be experts on wedding table centerpieces. We understand that even this small decor item needs to be the highest quality to ensure a fabulous party. Check out our tips for choosing a centerpiece that is perfect for your wedding.

Attention Centered on Centerpieces

Whatever big event you’re planning, you need a solid centerpiece. Bridal shower centerpieces are also an important item to have on your list of decor! It’s not enough to have beautiful placemats—you need beautiful centerpieces too.

geometric glass card box

Choose the Vibe You Want: Just like any piece of decor, you will need to figure out if it fits in with the vibe of your event. For example, if your event has a coastal theme, you’ll probably be interested in branches and naturals as decor. For more traditional wedding table centerpieces, you might want some geometric shapes and gold finishes. Elegant, traditional ceremonies would probably be more into antique decor and centerpieces, like candelabras or embossed stands.

Let It Stand Out: While it’s natural for your decor to match the themes of your event, receptions are a great place to let certain pieces of decor stand out. Centerpieces are, by definition, meant to have all the attention. Now is the time to have fun with your decorating! Go for the ornate pedestal vase or the bling candle holders. Wedding table centerpieces are the things that your guests see up close for a longer period of time at the reception, so you might as well make them interesting!stacked wooden rounds

Do What Makes You Happy: The bottom line is: it’s your day. Pick decor that is going to make you happy. Choose decor that, when you look at your photo album ten years from now, makes you think, “These were beautiful and I got so many compliments!” Whatever event tableware, or any detail really, makes you the happiest is the right one.

Detail Your Heart Out

From wedding table centerpieces to bridal shower centerpieces, you do you. The possibilities are endless, so get creative! There are always new arrivals popping up here at Koyal Wholesale so your event will be fresh and fabulous. Shop your trusted source for all things party and get free shipping on orders over $50!

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