Our 10 Best Tips for Throwing A Backyard Outdoor Winter Wedding

When you think of outdoor weddings, you probably don’t think of winter weddings—but you should! Not only are winter weddings beautiful, they can also be more affordable compared to other times of the year, especially if you choose to host a backyard winter wedding.

Throwing a winter wedding, especially an outdoor one, comes with its own challenges. If you aren’t careful, a simple mistake could ruin your entire day.

Don’t worry! The experts at Koyal Wholesale are here to help! Tips for throwing a backyard winter wedding that you and all of your guests will enjoy, no matter what the temperature, include:

  • Choose the right date
  • Choose your attire carefully
  • Include a dress code in your invite
  • Invite out of town guests to come early
  • Be mindful when choosing flowers
  • Provide guests with access to warm areas
  • Hand out favors that keep everyone warm
  • Serve hot drinks and comfort food
  • Go seasonal with decorations
  • Provide guests with a safe way home

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Choose the Right Date 

There are a lot of dates you may want to avoid when hosting a backyard winter wedding. For example, you’ll want to avoid a date that coincides with a football game you know your family will want to watch, or a holiday that makes friends choose between your wedding and family gatherings.

You also have to choose a stress-free date when you host your wedding in the backyard. You don’t want to worry about cleaning the house for your wedding after a big birthday party the weekend before, for example.

Choose Your Attire Carefully

Make sure you choose your dress carefully. Long gowns with sleeves are an appropriate choice for a winter wedding dress. If you have your heart set on a strapless gown, cover up with a shawl or faux fur.

Consider your bridal party too! Don’t make them wear spaghetti straps and heels. Let them wear jackets and closed toe shoes. Consider making hats part of the groomsmen look, and make sure the mothers of the bride and groom know the wedding is outdoors before they buy their dresses.

Include a Dress Code in Your Invite

If you send out a standard invite, guests are going to assume your winter wedding is indoors, which means they won’t be dressed for outdoor nuptials. Make sure you include the appropriate winter wedding guest outfit dress code in your invite. If they know your wedding is taking place outdoors and a coat is recommended, they will dress appropriately.

Invite Out of Town Guests to Come Early

The weather can be unpredictable in the winter. You don’t want important friends or family members to miss your backyard winter wedding because their last-minute flight was canceled. Instead, invite important guests to come a few days early so there’s a buffer between when they travel and your big day. If the weather turns bad, they still have time to make it to your wedding.

Be Mindful When Choosing Flowers

Winter wedding flowers are a challenge for every bride and groom, but they are especially challenging to get right if your wedding is outdoors. Even seasonal flowers, like amaryllis and poinsettias, can wilt in the cold.

Hardy flowers can be used, but make sure they aren’t exposed to extreme temperatures for too long by bringing them into a heated area. Otherwise, you can also use flower alternatives, like sandblasted manzanita branches, dried naturals, and silk flowers in lieu of fragile blooms.

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Provide Guests With Access to Warm Areas

An outdoor wedding is beautiful, but it can also be cold! Make sure you give your guests a chance to warm up. For example:

  • Have your reception inside the house
  • Set up tents in the backyard
  • Use fire pits and outdoor heaters

You may also be able to look into winter wedding venues. For example, you could host your nuptials in the backyard and drive to a nearby venue for the reception.

Hand Out Favors That Keep Everyone Warm

Favors can do double duty at a backyard winter wedding. Not only are they a great way to thank guests for coming, they can keep everyone warm!

A few warm wedding favors you can hand out to guests include:

  • Shawls
  • Blankets
  • Hand warmers

Serve Hot Drinks and Comfort Food

It’s important to try and keep guests warm on the outside, but you can also keep them warm from the inside out. One of our favorite winter wedding ideas includes serving hot drinks and comfort food!

Menu items that guests are sure to appreciate include:

  • Mulled wine
  • Warm apple cider
  • Hot cocoa
  • Tomato and other types of soup
  • Stews
  • S’mores for the fire pit

Go Seasonal With Decorations

Don’t fight the season when it comes to winter wedding decorations. You can make the backyard look beautiful by decorating with things like handmade wreaths, pine cones, and evergreen boughs. If you want to make a statement, consider an ice sculpture.

Provide Guests With a Safe Way Home

The winter can create treacherous driving conditions, especially if you have tipsy guests who are driving back home or to their hotel rooms at night. Keep everyone safe at your backyard winter wedding by providing guests with a safe way home. Give everyone a rideshare code or provide them with transportation, like a trolley or bus.

You can also offer up your home as a place to stay. Tidy up the bedrooms, make up the couch as a bed, and put an inflatable bed in the office so important or particularly tipsy guests have a safe place to crash.

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