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Our 5 Favorite Acrylic Wedding Decoration Ideas

There’s just something about clear acrylic décor. It is glamorous, but it is also right at home in any modern space or minimalist celebration. When it comes to your wedding day, using Lucite decorations can make a big statement about the transparency and clarity of love. It enables other details of your day to shine while creating a light and airy feel at your ceremony or reception. It’s no wonder acrylic wedding decorations are a major trend for 2020!

Creating acrylic signs are a good place to start, but there are many other great Lucite wedding decorations to choose from. Here are five of our favorites.

Clockwise: Acrylic Easel: Wedding Wire, Acrylic Pedestal Stands: KBL-Atlas, Acrylic Wedding Ring Box: Happy Wed, Clear Acrylic Card Box: Style Me Pretty, Clear Acrylic Cake Stand: Koyal Bridal

  1. Acrylic ring box

An acrylic ring box is a great way to propose to your special someone, but having one at your ceremony can make a real statement. In lieu of the best man pulling a ring out of his pocket or a ring bearer carrying the rings on a pillow, have the rings presented inside a clear acrylic ring box.

The clear acrylic ring box from Koyal Wholesale features two ring slots, one for each wedding band for the bride and groom. The stand is elevated from the bottom of the box, enabling you to place decorative items inside. A moss ball looks striking at a natural wedding, while petite rosebuds can elevate a glamorous fête.

  1. Acrylic cake stand

A cake stand allows everyone to see the glorious centerpiece of your reception, but it also makes it easier for you and your new spouse to cut the cake when the time comes. Skip the traditional cake stand that belongs in your grandma’s house and opt for a more modern acrylic cake stand instead.

A clear acrylic cake stand ensures that your cake is the star of the show. Because the base is hollow, you also have the option of encasing decorative elements underneath your cake. A floral arrangement that matches the iced florals on your cake can be quite beautiful, as can evergreen branches at a winter wedding.

  1. Acrylic card box

There are many ways to collect cards at your wedding. Why hide them away inside an enclosed box when you can use the cards as part of your décor?

Wedding cards are beautifully designed, and that often includes the colors and designs on the outside of the envelopes. An acrylic wedding card box enables you to peek into the box and see what’s inside, even before you sit down to open them. Because guests can see through to the box’s contents, they’ll know exactly where to place their cards too.

Acrylic accessories can also be engraved. You can use the card box at your ceremony or reception, then it can become a keepsake that you’ll treasure for years to come.

  1. Acrylic pedestal stands

No other acrylic wedding decoration has more flexibility than clear acrylic pedestal stands. At Koyal Wholesale, our stands measure as tall as 32 inches high. They’re perfect for displaying cakes, floral arrangements, and other decorative elements.

If you’re planning a minimalist wedding, you may want to keep things simple by using the pedestal stands alone. If you want to make a big impact, nearly anything can be encased inside. Balloons and fairy lights are popular ways to decorate the inside of acrylic pedestal stands, but full flower arrangements and branches can also be encased in Lucite.

Pedestal stands can also be purchased in smaller sizes. When combined, they can create a striking display.

  1. Acrylic Easel

Easels are popular at weddings because they can provide you with an easy way to display important information. They can be set up before a ceremony as a way to welcome guests, and they can be used at the reception to direct guests to their table.

If you have other acrylic decorations at your wedding, or if you really want an easel that doesn’t distract from the information on the sign, a clear acrylic easel is a great choice. It also ensures it will fit into your décor at home, making it a funky and unique decoration long after your wedding is over.

At Koyal Wholesale, we offer acrylic gems, acrylic donut stands, and more! Check out all of our acrylic wedding accessories to find the decorative elements that are perfect for your big day.

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