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Our 5 Favorite Wedding Balloon Garland Ideas

Remember the balloon arches from your middle school dance? They are nothing like the wedding balloon garlands of today!

Balloons are a huge trend for weddings that aren’t going anywhere soon. They are an easy way to make any wedding event more fun and festive, and when done correctly, they can even look stunning at a formal affair.

We’ve rounded up our five favorite wedding balloon garland ideas that will convince you that balloons can look a lot classier than you ever thought possible.

Blue Balloon Garland with Tassels: 100 Layer Cake, Pink Balloon Garland on Exterior Building: Chyka, Floating Rainbow Balloon Centerpiece: One Fab Day

Creative Alternatives to the Balloon Garland Arch

The traditional way to utilize a wedding balloon garland kit is to arrange the balloons in an arch. A balloon garland arch can look beautiful as the backdrop at your ceremony site, they are a great way to decorate the entrance to your reception site, and they can snazz up a dessert bar. However, balloon garlands look great when you go beyond the arch.

Instead, try draping the garland on the wall or hang it from the ceiling. In addition, groupings of balloons can be just as striking as long strings of balloons, while balloon garlands arranged on the floor can provide guests with the feeling of floating on a cloud.

Balloons of All Different Sizes

Part of what makes old-fashioned balloon garlands so boring and dated is the fact that they use balloons that are all the same size. There’s no denying that they are easy to construct, but they aren’t interesting at the very least, and they’re downright ugly at the very worst.

Instead, create garlands that use at least two different sizes, but three different sizes are better. Using oversized balloons is even more fun! Extra-large balloons measure 36 inches, instead of standard balloons that usually measure around 12 inches. Not only will they add drama to your garland, but they also take up a lot of space, which means constructing a 6-foot balloon garland is faster and easier with big balloons.

Rose Gold and Greenery Balloon Garland: Wedding Forward, Love Balloon Backdrop: Mary Poppins Balloons, Pink Cascading Balloons: One Fab Day

Garlands That Utilize More Than Just Balloons

There’s no denying the fact that balloon garlands can be stunning when the right balloons are used, but if you want to take your garland to the next level, you should definitely use more than just balloons.

A few examples include:

  • A balloon garland with eucalyptus is perfect for a natural wedding.
  • A balloon garland with greenery is perfect for a tropical wedding.
  • You can add flowers to your garland that match your color scheme.
  • Balloons with paper tassels and tissue paper honeycomb balls are perfect for whimsical weddings.

Making a balloon arch can be a challenge, but it can get even trickier when you add in other elements. Take the time to learn how to make a balloon garland and practice making one before the big day. That way, you’re confident you know how to do it. You may also be able to ask your florist if they can add additional details to your balloon garland after you have already made it to ensure a polished look.

Garlands in Unexpected Places

We mentioned earlier that balloon garlands are often used as ceremony backdrops and reception entrances, but don’t pigeonhole yourself into thinking those are the only places you can use garlands.

A wedding balloon garland can look great just about anywhere!

You can use them to decorate the outside of a building and you can use them to add a little drama to your photo booth, but one of our favorite unexpected places to use a garland is the dinner table. A helium-filled balloon garland that float above the table at your reception is a detail that your guests won’t soon forget.

Themed Garlands

If you’re looking for an easy way to add a balloon garland to your wedding décor, sticking to your color scheme is a good place to start. A balloon garland in rose gold and peach tones is especially popular at weddings and bridal showers.

If you want to branch out, get creative with the theme you choose for your garland. Go beyond color and theme it for your event instead.

If you envision a funky 90's themed fête, create a 90s balloon garland using chain link balloons and squiggle balloons in bright colors. Large palm fronds can be used at a tropical celebration, or organize your garlands in the shape of hearts. Your wedding day is about love, after all!

Don’t make the mistake of thinking your only choice for balloon garlands are the boring arches you remember from your middle school dance. With these tips, balloons can enhance your soiree for all the right reasons.


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