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Our Top 10 Favorite Wedding Expert Tips for February (and Valentine's Day) Weddings

Just because weddings are most popularly planned in the spring, summer, and fall doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful February wedding! However, planning a February wedding is easy, especially if you a want to plan a Valentine’s wedding that evokes a sense of romance without looking tacky.

We’ve got you covered! If you’re planning a Valentine’s or February wedding, follow these expert tips to plan the romantic wedding day of your dreams.

Pastel Tablescape: WedLuxe

      1.  Go Beyond Red and Pink

When you think of a Valentine’s wedding, red and pink come to mind. There’s no doubt that these colors are a great choice if you’re planning a February wedding, but don’t be afraid to go beyond red and pink.

For example, one of our favorite Pantone 2021 color combinations is inspired by Pantone’s Enlightenment scheme. Yellow, lavender, and baby blue look just as romantic as any color scheme that uses pink or red.

Heart-Shaped Sandwiches: Everyday Dishes

      2.  Incorporate Shapes and Symbols

Color is important at your wedding, but you really have to go beyond color schemes and consider February wedding themes if you want your celebration to stand out. One of our favorite tips from Zola’s wedding experts is to incorporate shapes and symbols throughout your February wedding.

For example, hearts can be incorporated in unique ways, like heart-shaped sandwiches at a brunch wedding or tiny wooden hearts sprinkled on tables, while kiss lips can be included in the props at your photo booth and on mirrors throughout your décor.

Arrangement of Taper and Pillar Candles: My Wedding

      3.  Candles and Scents

Candles make any ceremony or reception more romantic, which makes them a staple at any Valentine’s wedding, but if you really want your wedding to be unique, you should also think about customizing a scent for your nuptials.

Did you know Kate Middleton used this concept at her wedding to Prince William by lighting orange blossom candles in Westminster Abbey? Do the same at your wedding with your favorite candles and perfume to set the tone for a day of romance and love.

Pink Bridal Gown in the Snow: One Fab Day

      4.  Consider a Different Dress

Have your heart set on a big ball gown? By all means, try one on, but don’t be afraid to consider a different dress. "Be prepared to fall in love with something you thought you'd never wear because that's what happens to all of us," says Samantha Hallaran of Rituals of Love.

At a Valentine’s wedding, that might mean falling in love with a pink trumpet gown when you thought you wanted an antique white dress, or a long sleeved lacy number when you thought you wanted to look for strapless February wedding dresses.

Bridesmaids in Velvet: Green Wedding Shoes

      5.  Avoid Silk and Satin

Silk and satin are popular wedding fabrics, and for good reason. They are absolutely beautiful and they can evoke a sense of luxury on your big day. However, they aren’t the best choice for winter weddings, especially February weddings when things are really snowy and wet.

Water stains silk and satin, and stains can be very difficult to remove. If you plan on spending any time outdoors taking pictures, or you’re looking for fabric to use on a snowy outdoor arch, choose a another fabric instead. Wear a velvet dress or cover your ceremony arch in tulle, for example.

Candy Necklace Wedding Favor: Jessica Grace Photography

      6.  Bring on the Treats

No wedding is complete without treats, but they are especially welcome at a Valentine’s Day wedding!

Oversized dessert tables featuring custom Hershey’s Kisses and red velvet wedding cakes are always great options, but one of our favorite tips comes from Charlotte Jenks Lewis, owner of Charlotte Jenks Lewis Photography. She recommends handing out candy necklaces and bracelets, and having a dessert jewelry station at your reception so guests can make their own. She says, "Not only is this a memorable favor idea, but you will always remember making them during the celebration."

Handwritten Letter Stamped With a Kiss: Daily Mail

      7.  Make It Personal

Weddings are about love between the happy couple, as well as the love shared between friends and family, but February weddings take the concept of demonstrating love to a whole other level.

Christina Millikin of Glow Events recommends adding a personal touch to each place setting at dinner, "Add a personal touch to your dinner with a handwritten love note placed on each plate."

The more personal the better. Address each guest by name and they can keep your meaningful note forever.

Smoking Martini Featuring Heart-Shaped Strawberries: The Cookie Rookie

      8.  Choose the Perfect Signature Cocktail

You can have a lot of fun choosing a signature cocktail for your February wedding! Incorporate strawberries shaped like hearts, serve rosé with floating rose petals, or sprinkle candy hearts on hot chocolate. Just make sure cocktails aren’t pre-mixed.

Joni Whitworth of Mint & Mirth reminds us, "If you have kids and teen guests, remember that most cocktails can be made into mocktails by substituting juice or soda for alcohol.”

Combined Ceremony and Reception Space: Martha Stewart

      9.  Celebrate at the Same Place

Having a cold weather wedding encourages guests to get cozy, which is a good thing if you're planning your wedding in February. Just make sure you can keep that cozy feel going by having your ceremony and reception at the same place.

Clara Earp, Events Manager at The Mantagu Arms, recommends this tip so guests don't have to travel when the weather is at its worst. Not only will it keep scantily clad guests from getting chilly, it can also minimize travel delays so you can spend the majority of your day celebrating—not getting stuck in the snow.

Pyramid Heaters: Designer Pages

      10.  Keep Things Warm

Having your ceremony and reception in the same place is a good first step towards keeping everyone warm and cozy, but you really have to go above and beyond if you want to make sure everyone feels warm and fuzzy inside and outside when your wedding is in February.

That might mean passing out throw blankets to guests as favors and buying fur shawls for your bridesmaids, but it definitely means keeping drafty or outdoor areas warm. Lavinia Stewart-Brown, founder of Stewart Brown Events, recommends pyramid heaters. She says, “They give off more heat and look much more appealing to the eye.”



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