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Our Top 10 Favorite Wedding Expert Tips for June Weddings

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A June wedding is one of the most popular with brides and grooms, and for good reason. The grass is green, flowers are blooming, and the threat of snow is long gone. Although it can rain in June, it’s less likely in June than in April or May, and you aren’t likely to deal with the sweltering heat of August.

Just don’t make the mistake of thinking that everything is smooth sailing with a June wedding. Whether you’re planning a last-minute June wedding in 2021, you’ve got your sights set on a June wedding in 2022, or beyond, these timeless June wedding ideas from the experts will make sure there aren’t any bad surprises on your big day.

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Plan Your Wedding Well in Advance 

June wedding venues go fast. That’s why Clarissa Davis, Director of Catering at Chatham Bars Inn recommends starting your search early. “We recommend that couples begin their venue searching process 16 to 18 months prior to the big day.” By planning early, you’re more likely to get exactly what you want.

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Be Flexible With Your Date 

Not only should you plan your June wedding over a year in advance, you may also want to stay flexible. Because June is one of the most popular months to get married, other couples are planning their nuptials over a year in advance too.

For example, you may have your heart set on a June 12 wedding, but you may find that your dream venue is booked that day. If you're flexible, you may discover you can still book your dream venue and have a June 5th wedding instead.

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Choose Flowers That Won't Wilt in the Heat 

A lot goes into choosing June wedding flowers. When temperatures can reach 80- and 90-some degrees across the country, you don’t want to choose June wedding bouquets that will wilt in the heat.

For example, Ali Coates Chakola of Wild Pollen Design says, “My best floral advice: Don't use hydrangea as a focal flower in the summer. These guys hate the heat and are notoriously tricky with wilting. Instead, I’d recommend working with a similarly scaled bloom that’s grown from a bulb (like dahlias), as these tend to be much heartier.”

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Make Sure Guests Are Comfortable 

It’s important to keep June wedding weather in mind when planning your big day so you can keep your guests comfortable, but you have other things to consider too. Camille McLamb, founder of Camille Victoria Weddings says, “If [you’re] planning an outdoor wedding, make sure you provide provisions to combat the elements such as heat, sun, and bugs.”

Print ceremony programs on hand fans, set out a basket of mini sunscreen bottles, and spray the area with bug spray before saying your I-do’s.

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Dress the Bridal Party Accordingly

A summer wedding is probably not the place for bridesmaids to wear long dresses made of velvet. Instead, “Your bridal party will love you if you pick short, lightweight dresses during the summertime,” says Amy McCord Jones of Flower Moxie.

In addition, the groom may want to skip the jacket and the bride may want to change into a lighter, more comfortable reception dress.

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Keep Food Light and Fresh 

"During the warm summer months, keep things light and fresh for cocktail hour,” says Tina Reikes, the Owner of Bear Flag Farm. Skip heavy, deep fried foods and focus on seasonal vegetables and fruit at your June wedding. Proteins like fish, lamb, and chicken are great choices for main courses for dinner, while beef portions should be kept small.

Naked Wedding Cake Decorated With Colorful Flower Petals: Bride and Tonic

Simplify Your Wedding Cake 

Frosting and heat don’t mix. They can be a magnet for bugs too! That’s why Samantha Moline of Flour Power Cakery recommends naked cakes at a June wedding. “Since there is no icing on the outside, there is no chance of having a melting problem if it sits outside.”

Want to decorate your cake with your June wedding colors? Incorporate non-melting elements, like hardy florals, in the colors of your choice.

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Keep Guests Hydrated

Guests can get dehydrated easily at a June wedding, especially if alcohol is being served. Make sure everyone stays hydrated by making bottled water easily accessible.

You can keep guests hydrated with your menu too! “Cucumbers—similar to watermelon—jicama, and radish have a high-water content that helps to keep guests hydrated and cool. Yogurt, cucumbers, and eggplant are a classic trio all over the world, and the yogurt makes the dish more substantial,” says Alexis Delaney of Haven's Kitchen.

Natural Bridal Makeup and Hair: Be You Weddings

Have a Plan for Sweat

Don’t ruin your June wedding pictures because your mascara was melting down your face! Plan for sweat when creating your wedding day look, which means using waterproof products and skipping heavy makeup and complicated updos.

Lindsay Matthews of Lulu Lush has another recommendation when it comes to foundation. “Face Saver is a great product if you’re prone to sweat and getting married somewhere especially warm or humid.”

Bride and Groom Taking a Walk Alone: Karen Shoufler

Take Breaks 

Not only can experiencing a whirlwind June wedding leave you feeling dehydrated and exhausted, it can make you sad later on down the road when you realize you have very few concrete memories of your day because you were too busy rushing around.

Ariel Meadow Stalling of Offbeat Bride recommends taking breaks. “If you make yourself step away for a moment or two, you'll give your mind the opportunity to imprint at least a few memories of your wedding day.”

Make time to sit by yourself and eat a snack, give yourself a moment before walking down the aisle, and consider taking a walk alone with your new partner right after your ceremony.

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