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Our Top 10 St. Patrick's Day Wedding Decor Ideas

Some holidays get all the attention when it comes to weddings. Many brides and grooms love the idea of a New Year’s Eve wedding, while other couples take advantage of the three-day weekend ahead of Labor Day.

St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t even make the top ten list of popular wedding holidays, but that can be a good thing! It means you can plan a unique wedding that’s all your own.

The question is, how do you decorate your wedding tastefully so your day doesn’t look like it was sponsored by the discount store?

Skip the paper hats and check out our St. Patrick’s Day wedding ideas that are perfect for crafting a stunning, romantic wedding day.

Bride Holding a Green and White Bouquet: Washingtonian

Green and White Color Palette

Green is the obvious choice for a St. Patrick’s Day wedding, but dynamic color palettes feature more than one color. If you want green to be the star of the show, pair it with white.

That might mean covering tables with white tablecloths and layering each table with a green table runner, mixing white blooms with plenty of greenery, or using white candle holders that feature green taper candles.

White and Green St Patrick’s Day Table Setting With Candles and Coins: Blinds

Green and Gold Color Palette

Green is important to a St. Patrick’s Day celebration, but so is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! If you love the look of metallics, combine green and gold details at your St. Patrick’s Day wedding.

You can do the obvious, like use gold candle holders and gold charger plates, but you should have fun with this color combination! Sprinkle gold coins on tables for guests to snack on, sprinkle the rims of cocktail glasses with gold sugar, and opt for gold silverware instead of traditional silverware.

Reception Table Featuring Emerald, Dark Blue, and Black Details: Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

Emerald, Black, and Blue

White and gold are popular choices for St. Patrick’s Day weddings. If you’re looking for something a little different, and you love gothic weddings, you’ll love the emerald, black, and blue color palette.

Some of our favorite moody St. Patty’s Day wedding ideas include using velvet napkins, incorporating gemstone details, like using agates in your décor, and using jet-black vases and candle holders.

Emerald Engagement Ring and Metal Four Leaf Clover Decoration: Wedding Chicks

Incorporate Shamrocks

Once you have figured out your color palette, you can start incorporating other details, and no other detail screams St. Patrick’s Day like shamrocks!

There are a million ways to incorporate shamrocks into your St. Patrick’s Day wedding theme. Decorate sweets with shamrock sprinkles, hang charms on napkin rings, drink glasses, and the backs of chairs, and use metal shamrocks as place cards.

All Green Wedding Bouquet With Ferns and Eucalyptus: Martha Stewart

Go Green With Your Flowers

There are many ways to incorporate green in your Saint Patrick’s Day wedding, but one of our favorites is going green with your flowers.

That might mean choosing green blooms, like mums, hydrangea, and daisies, but it can also be beautiful if you choose flower arrangements that aren’t flowers at all. Create stunning bouquets out of greenery like ferns, eucalyptus, and rosemary.

Reception Table Draped in Green Velvet Surrounded by Acrylic Chairs: Beckon Events

Drape Tables in Lush Green Velvet

Velvet is always a great choice for cold-weather weddings, but it is an especially stunning material at a St. Patrick’s Day wedding. That might mean the groom wears a velvet jacket or your bridesmaids wear velvet dresses, but you can also have fun with velvet on your tables.

Drape all of your reception tables in lush green velvet tablecloths! For something a little different, consider draping the head table in velvet and using velvet table runners on other tables.

Wood and Moss Background With Hanging Edison Light Bulbs: Rachel Carter Photography

Incorporate Mossy Details

Ireland is known for its lush green landscape, but it’s not just grass that contributes to the scenery on the Emerald Isle. There’s plenty of moss to go around too!

Use moss chunks in clear hurricane vases to decorate reception tables or hang moss balls from the ceiling. If you aren’t afraid of DIY projects, buy a bunch of loose faux moss and use it to cover plain votive candle holders or create a stunning moss wall backdrop for your ceremony.

Reception Table With Beer Bottle Vases: Next to Me Studios

Pub-Style Decorations

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday where friends gather in pubs for a pint while they laugh, sing, and catch up. If this is your favorite aspect of St. Patrick’s Day, let it inspire your decorations.

For example, your St. Patrick’s Day wedding décor can include place settings that feature Guinness pint glasses, bottles of Irish whiskey on each table, and empty beer bottles used as candle holders for taper candles or as vases for flowers. Of course, you can always host your reception in an Irish pub!

Centerpiece Featuring White Doilies, Green Leaves, and Taper Candles: HGTV

Go For Old-Fashioned Details

Ireland has a long history. St. Patrick himself, who is the patron saint of Ireland, is believed to have died all the way back in 460 A.D. on March 17th. It’s an understatement to say that this country is steeped in tradition that you can use as inspiration when planning your St. Patrick’s Day wedding decorations.

 Incorporate old-fashioned details wherever you can. Decorate with antique compote bowls, put doily-inspired place mats on tables, and utilize worn wooden décor, like aged wine barrels at the end of the ceremony aisle or wooden crates overflowing with flowers in front of the head table.

Clover Wedding Favors in Tiny Leprechaun Pots: Growing a Jeweled Rose

Hand Out Lucky St. Patrick’s Day Wedding Favors

Luck is the perfect theme for St. Patrick’s Day wedding favors that can double as décor! One of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day wedding details is little leprechaun pots filled with clover that can be incorporated into each place setting, but you can also consider unexpected favors, like horseshoes that double as place card holders, or even lucky rabbit feet.

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