Our Top 10 Unique Winter Wedding Color Palette Ideas

When you think of winter wedding colors, you probably think of all white or icy blue celebrations. It’s true that these are the most popular winter wedding colors, and they can be quite stunning at a wedding that takes place this upcoming winter season, but they are also overdone.

If you’re looking for something a little different, check out our 10 unique winter wedding color palettes that are fun, festive, and definitely unexpected.

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      1.  Dusty Blue and Blush

Blue is included in popular winter wedding color combinations, but guests won’t anticipate it being paired with blush. Dusty blue is a softer choice if ice blue is a little too harsh, and blush will provide your celebration with seasonal softness.

These are also great winter beach wedding colors. They still have a wintery feel, but they are lively enough to be right at home on the sand.

      2.  Moody Greens and Blues

The spring and summer are known for bright color palettes. The fall and winter lend themselves well towards moody colors. One of our favorite modern winter wedding color combos includes shades of pine, olive, navy, and lapis.

This combination lends itself well to formal affairs, as well as celebrations that go well into the night, as it can create a dark, warm, and inviting ambiance.

      3.  Burgundy and Brown

Shades of dark red, like burgundy, are popular winter wedding colors, especially when paired with shades of navy. If you’re looking for something a little different, try shades of burgundy and brown instead.

These shades are beautiful inside indoor venues, but they are especially striking if you plan on hosting your nuptials in the snow among the pine trees. Incorporate brass details to give your event a little extra depth and interest.

      4.  Rose Gold and Wine

Not a big fan of brown, but love the idea of using a shade of deep red in your winter wedding color palette? Replace brown with rose gold for a sparkly touch, and choose wine over shades of burgundy.

Rose gold, especially when used in surprising ways, like bridesmaid dresses and sequined table runners, will add a touch of Hollywood glam to your ceremony and reception, while incorporating wine on your wedding cake, in your flowers, and even on your lips will look season-appropriate. This palette is also among favorite rustic winter wedding colors if you’re planning a farm wedding.


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      5.  Black, White, and Forest Green

If you’re dreaming of a black tie affair, let the base of your color palette begin with black and white. Red is an obvious choice during this time of year, but it can look a little too Christmas-y. Choose winter green wedding colors in shades of forest instead.

Not only can bridesmaids dresses and accessories feature forest green, the groom and groomsmen will look especially dapper in green suits.

      6.  Beige and Champagne

White is among the best winter wedding colors, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with this stark hue. If you love neutrals, but want something a little different, choose beige and champagne.

These neutrals are great alternatives to warm winter wedding colors that often include deep shades of red. This palette provides the perfect backdrop for weddings that have plenty of natural beauty, as is the case if your nuptials are taking place on a snowy mountain or inside a rustic lodge.

      7.  Shades of Mauve and Dark Purple

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can’t branch out into non-Christmas-y colors, even if your wedding is taking place during the holiday season. Shades of mauve and dark purple make for beautiful wedding colors, and they are surprisingly right at home at any wedding that takes place among bare branches and snow.

Looking for even more fun winter wedding colors? Add in splashes of dark pinks among shades of mauve and dark purple!

      8.  Silver and Gray

Silver and gray is another great alternative to a winter white wedding. You might even argue that they are even better winter wonderland wedding colors because they enable you wedding to sparkle just like the snow!

Silver mercury glass can give tables an unbelievable glow, while gray linens and attire can provide the perfect backdrop for delicious desserts and eye-catching accessories. Add pewter details to your wedding colors for a winter-rustic edge.

      9.  Mixed Metallics

Not all winter wedding colors and themes actually include colors you’ll find on the color wheel. Take the sparkle at your wedding to whole new heights by focusing on mixed metallic details.

Unlike most celebrations that focus on just one metallic hue, this palette forces you to think outside the box and combine silver, gold, and rose gold details. It’s easy to dress up this color combination by adding neutrals, like black, white, and even brown.

Gray Diamond Ring: Style Me Pretty, Apricot Orange Wedding Cake: Junebug Weddings, Grey Wedding Dress and Orange Bouquet: Green Wedding Shoes, Apricot Flower Arrangement: The Knot

      10.  Charcoal and Apricot

We have saved our most unique winter wedding colors for last—charcoal and apricot!

When guests expect black, they’ll instead see smoky, dusty shades, and instead of shades of red, they’ll find muted shades of orange. When your décor is enhanced with actual apricots and cranberries, with grooms in charcoal suits and bridesmaids adorned in dusty orange, you can have a winter wedding without everything looking too clichéd.

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