2023 Wedding Centerpiece Ideas & Decor Using Pantone's Color of the Year

Pantone’s color of the year in 2023 is perfect for weddings!

Its exuberant nature promotes joyous and optimistic celebrations. A balanced tone that contains both warm and cool shades, Viva Magenta makes itself right at home at any wedding.

That is, as long as you know how to incorporate it into your centerpieces and décor.

If you want to use Viva Magenta at your wedding, but you aren’t sure how to get started, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few of our favorite ways to use this hue on table centerpieces, ceremony decorations, and more.

Magenta Peony, Dahlia, and Rose Flower Arrangement in a Compote Bowl: Green Wedding Shoes

Place Petite Flower Arrangements in Compote Bowls

There are a million ways to create flower arrangements at your wedding. Showstopping florals in Viva Magenta can make a statement, but we love using this color in smaller flower arrangements in compote bowls.

Use amaryllis in the winter, tulips in the spring, dahlias in the summer, and sunflowers in the fall. Place a single compote bowl in the center of round tables or place multiple compote bowls down the center of rectangular tables. Small arrangements can help you budget a little less for flowers, but they also make conversations across the table easier for guests.

White and Red Baby’s Breath Arch Over a Wedding Reception Table: Woman Getting Married

Integrate Red Baby’s Breath into Floral Displays

If you love Viva Magenta and are looking for a unique way to incorporate it into your wedding, turn to baby’s breath—but not white baby’s breath.

Use red baby’s breath instead!

This fun flower can be integrated into floral arrangements and it can create more bulk on an arch. It can be used to create puffy clouds of color along the ceremony aisle, on the floor around the head table, and more.

Place Setting With the Name of a Guest Written on a Pomegranate: Weddingomania

Enhance Table Settings With Fruit

There are a lot of ways to zhoosh up table settings, but if you’re incorporating Viva Magenta into your décor, we think you should consider fruit.

There’s something decadent and old-world about setting tables with things like figs, blood oranges, and pomegranates. Cut figs in half, incorporate dried slices of blood orange, and write the names of your guests on pomegranates to use as name cards at place settings.

Love-Lies-Bleeding Amaranthus Hanging With Greenery: Ruffled Blog

Create Hanging Décor Out of Love-Lies-Bleeding Amaranthus

There’s nothing more romantic than hanging décor at a wedding. At a Viva Magenta wedding, that hanging décor should definitely include red love-lies-bleeding Amaranthus.

It can hang out of vases on tables, but it is especially stunning when hung from floral chandeliers above reception tables or above the dance floor. It can be dangled from a ceremony arch and incorporated into bouquets for a cohesive look.

Place Setting With a Magenta Agate Charger Plate: Green Wedding Shoes

Incorporate Crystals and Agates

Stones have been sneaking their way into weddings for a few years. They can ground your wedding and provide you with sparkle and shine, especially when you choose a vibrant color, like Viva Magenta, that's rooted in nature.

Deep burgundy ring boxes can display jewelry in photos, but they can also be used to hold single blooms on tables, while agates can be used as place cards. Agates can also be used to inspire the design of everything from your wedding day signage to your charger plates.

Wedding Centerpiece Featuring Long Magenta Taper Candles: Bridal Musings

Do Candles a Little Different

Nothing creates a romantic ambiance at a wedding like candles. When it comes to a spirited color like Viva Magenta, you have to do things a little different.

Make a statement with tall taper candles in a deep shade of magenta. You can find some cool magenta candle holders too! Deep red hobnail glass is perfect for an eclectic wedding, while patterned glass is a good choice for a vintage wedding.

Reception Tables Covered in Deep Red and White Floral Tablecloths: Style Me Pretty

Get Creative With Tablecloths

Think outside the box when it comes to tablecloths! Create a layered look with chiffon table runners in two different colors or use textural fabrics, like velvet, sequins, and cheesecloth.

Playing with patterns can be fun too! Cover the head table in a bold pattern, or incorporate patterns on reception tables through the use of napkins and placemats.

Small Reception Table Decorated With Pampas Grass and Set With Magenta Chairs: Cavin Elizabeth

Use Viva Magenta Chairs at Your Ceremony and Reception

If you can get your hands on them, magenta chairs can really elevate your ceremony and reception spaces.

Choose tufted chairs covered in velvet for a luxe look. Cane chairs have clean lines that are best for a modern wedding, but they can also be dressed up with ribbons and floral arrangements. If you’re on a budget, splurge on a vignette or fancy magenta chairs for the head table and use folding chairs everywhere else.

The 2023 Pantone color of the year is fun, funky, and future-facing, so your wedding should be too! It doesn’t matter choose if you choose just one thing on this list or you incorporate a combination of our unique ideas. You’re sure to plan your perfect wedding when you use Viva Magenta has your inspiration!


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