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Popular Fall Wedding Color Ideas, Themes, and Schemes

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There’s a lot to plan when you’re preparing for a fall wedding. It can be difficult to know where to start! Although you may think you have to start figuring out what dress you’re going to wear, what your cake is going to look like, or where you want to have your wedding, you shouldn’t get ahead of yourself. Instead, when you first start brainstorming ideas for your wedding, you should be thinking about the fall wedding colors you want to use throughout your big day.

Considering which colors you want to use can provide you with inspiration, and it can provide you with direction. For example, using autumn outdoor wedding colors in rustic hues would provide your celebration with a relaxed atmosphere, while fall wedding colors with black will give your fête an upscale feel.

The question is, what are some of the best fall wedding colors for you to choose from, and what themes and schemes would be best for your day? Here’s all the inspiration you need to start planning your wedding with the perfect colors for you and your fiancé.

Burgundy and Navy Reception Table: Inspired By This

Popular Fall Themed Wedding Colors

First, you should consider some of the most popular fall wedding colors. They include hues like:

  • Marigold yellow
  • Burgundy red
  • Forest green
  • Navy blue
  • Pumpkin orange
  • Plum purple

Considering individual colors is a good starting point, but it can also be helpful to consider overall themes. For example, fall wedding colors in rustic hues are popular with fall brides. Think colors like rust, caramel, copper, and terracotta with natural accents.

Jewel tones are popular fall wedding colors, and they can make quite a statement when combined. For example, emerald green can look quite striking when combined with amethyst purple and marigold yellow.

Although many colors are consistent throughout the fall season, some colors are more popular with certain months than others. If you want to know what is the best color for a wedding in October, you’ll find hues in orange and brown are popular. In contrast, a September wedding is more likely to use sage green and cornflower blue.

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How Many Fall Wedding Colors Should I Have?

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed as you’re considering all of the hues that are popular for fall weddings. After all, you aren’t going to use all of them! The question then becomes how many wedding colors should you have?

Valarie Falvey, owner and event planner of Kirkbrides in Cleveland, Ohio says, "In my opinion, an ideal number would be three colors, as it translates through on the focal elements and accent pieces, and allows you to create a beautiful, full overall look."

Stay away from choosing just one color, as it can make everything seem a little too bland and monotone. Choose at least two, but avoid choosing any more than five, as décor and floral arrangements start to feel incohesive.

The types of hues you choose matter too. Choose two or three colors and two or three neutrals or metallics. For example, you might want a few fall wedding colors with grey, which might help you zero in on dusty sage and plum purple instead of pumpkin orange or golden yellow.

Ceremony Aisle Decorated With Pumpkins: Southern Living

How To Pick Fall Wedding Colors For Your Wedding

Once you’ve filled your Pinterest board and considered dozens of colors and combinations, it’s time to start zeroing in on the colors you want to use for your wedding.

Don’t be afraid to borrow autumn wedding colors and schemes from other weddings you see online. If you love the look of black, burgundy, and purple, or you love navy and gold, then go for it!

If you don’t like the idea of choosing fall wedding colors that have been done time and time again, you shouldn’t be afraid to choose unusual fall wedding colors instead.

For example, emerald green and pale pink is a color combination you don't see every day, but it still provides your day with a moody fall-like feel. If you want your big day to be a reflection of your colorful personality, don't be afraid to choose bright yellow and combine it with pumpkin orange and burgundy red.

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Best Fall Wedding Colors That Go Together With Other Features of Your Wedding

Unfortunately, just because you love a certain color combination doesn’t mean those colors will actually work with your wedding. You have to consider the colors you choose in the context of your entire day.

Choosing hues that are popular during the fall season is a great place to start, but you should also consider fall wedding venue colors. If your indoor venue is covered in silver accents, you may not be able to use gold like you originally planned.

You can find tableware and accessories in any colors you want, but some colors may be more available or affordable than others. For example, you might find that you have an easier time finding the perfect navy hue, but you just can’t seem to find fabric and accessories in the cornflower blue you originally envisioned.

Want to drive away from the reception in your dad’s blue Rolls Royce? Want to wear your grandma’s champagne-colored veil? These are all details you should consider when choosing your colors.

The fall wedding colors you choose will set the tone for your entire day. Create the perfect mood for your fall wedding by choosing the right colors with the tips on this list.


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