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The Top Five 2020 Wedding Color Combinations Using Pantone's Color of The Year

Pantone’s color of the year is always highly anticipated. It provides inspiration for interior decorating projects, it often influences marketing trends, and there’s no question that it heavily influences wedding color decisions.

The Pantone color of the year in 2020—classic blue—is no different. Many brides and grooms will be looking for ways to integrate this calming, classic hue throughout their day, but few other colors have both the potential to beautify your event or make it look sad and overwhelming.

If you’re looking for ways to integrate this color into your big day, and you want to make sure you do it in a beautiful way, consider these five color combinations that let Pantone’s classic blue shine.

Classic Blue and Metallics

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Metallics are a powerful way to make a design impact at your wedding. They are also a great way to increase the impact of the ambiance at your reception. Metallic candle holders and shiny silverware can bounce the light and reflect your blue décor, creating a stunning effect.

Metallics can be used in more surprising ways as well. Blue wedding invitations with metallic overlays and sparkly metallic bridesmaids’ dresses are easy ways to go upscale with your event.

When it comes to metallics, think silver for a frosty feel, brass for a vintage affair, and rose gold for a feminine touch, but don’t discount traditional yellow gold. It’s making a major comeback in wedding jewelry, and we expect to see it show up more in wedding décor too.

Classic Blue and Sage

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If you’re looking for a calming effect at your wedding, choose sage as a complementary color to classic blue. Not only does this earthy green color promote peace, but it can also bring out the blue tones in your wedding in all the right ways.

For example, you’ll make a huge statement by using blue wedding plates, cups, and napkins in your place settings, especially if you keep the centerpieces simple by using leafy greens in sage hues. If you want to get literal with your use of sage, use the actual plant in garlands and flower arrangements to provide your wedding day with an intoxicating aroma.

Classic Blue and Jewel Tones

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If you’re looking for a moody feel on your wedding day, and especially if you’re getting married in the fall or the winter, you may want to consider matching jewel tones to your blue wedding decorations.

Jewel tones include hues like ruby red, amethyst purple, citrine yellow, and emerald green. These colors are known for their intensity, but in their darkest shades, they can also provide your big day with a sense of seasonal drama.

Your bridesmaids and groomsmen are likely to appreciate the darker shades at your wedding. Darker colors are often more figure-flattering.

Classic Blue and Neutrals

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If you want Pantone’s classic blue to stand for itself, you should pair it with neutrals in creams, whites, tans, and browns. That includes choosing subdued shades for table cloths and wedding invitations, but dried naturals are also having a moment.

Dried greenery is a major wedding trend that we’re certain to see more of over the upcoming years. It includes baby's breath, pampas grass, and eucalyptus. Pairing these florals with blue wedding flowers can help them stand out.

Another benefit of using dried flowers is that flower arrangements can be created well ahead of the big day, and they will last long after your wedding day is over.

Classic Blue and More Blue

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If you love the color blue, why not make it the star of the show by choosing a monochromatic color palette? Classic blue can be enhanced with shades of navy, cyan, and turquoise in décor, attire, and accessories. You won’t have to worry about something blue when you plan a day that’s full of this hue!

Consider making the biggest impact with pops of blue in unexpected places. For example, a blue wedding veil can be very striking, as can blue wedding light decorations for your reception. Keep things fresh by finding ways to use the lightest colors of blue throughout your day. It will help keep the darkest shades from getting too overwhelming.

If you’re feeling stuck choosing colors for your wedding day, look no further than Pantone’s classic blue! There is a complimentary color palette that’s a perfect reflection of your personality and the mood you want to create for your big day.

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