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The Ultimate Wedding Checklist - What To Start Planning 10 Months Out

10 Month Wedding Checklist - Download it here!

Pick your dress

    • Styles I like:
    • Who is coming with me:
    Choose bridesmaid and groomsmen attire
      • Bridesmaids
      • Groomsmen

      Choose Attire for the Groom

      Discuss attire with important guests

        • Parents and Grandparents of the Bride
        • Parents and Grandparents of the Groom
        • Readers
        • Ushers
        • Attendants
        Reserve blocks of hotel rooms
          • Hotel(s)for guests:
          • Reservations for bridal party:
          • Reservations for bride and groom
          Try new beauty treatments


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            THE ULTIMATE WEDDING CHECKLIST - 10 Months Out

            This is the month when brides start to feel like their upcoming wedding is real and not just a dream. There’s still a lot of fun to be had, like picking out what you’re going to wear and enjoying beauty treatments, but this is when you start to dig into the details and things can start to seem overwhelming. Stick with our wedding checklist and you can slow down, take each item on the list one at a time, and have the wedding of your dreams without leaving anything behind.

            Pick Your Dress

            Many women get excited about the dress and start shopping for their wedding day outfit right away. Don’t feel bad if you aren’t one of those people. It can be surprisingly easy to get caught up in ceremony and reception details without giving your dress a second thought. However, now’s the time to start booking appointments, trying on dresses, and choose ‘the one’.

            The earlier you make your choice, the more time you have to order your dress and ensure alterations are made with plenty of time before your big day. If you choose your dress closer to your due date, you could find out that alterations weren’t done properly the week before your wedding, leaving you scrambling to fix it when there are other things you should be focused on.

            Make sure you go into your appointments prepared. That means knowing what kinds of styles you like, but you should also bring undergarments you plan on wearing, as well as the right shoes. You don’t have to have your exact wedding day undergarments or shoes picked out, but you should have a rough idea. For example, bring a bra if you know you want to wear one to ensure it doesn’t show through the dress, and bring shoes with the approximate height you want to wear so you don’t end up with a gown that is too short.

            Although you should have an idea of the kinds of styles you like, make sure you’re also open minded. Many a bride has gone dress shopping thinking she would like one style, but she ends up going home with a style she thought she hated.

            It’s also important to keep your venue in mind. The beach isn’t an appropriate place for a ballgown, and a winter wedding probably isn’t the right setting for a minidress.

            When you are faced with a real contender, do more than just admire yourself in the mirror. Bend over and pick something up off the floor and sit down in the dress. You may look beautiful, but if you don’t feel comfortable, you’re going to struggle on your wedding day.

            Going dress shopping is a once-in-a-lifetime event. You may want to include as many of your loved ones as you can in the process, but that’s rarely a good idea. The bigger your peanut gallery, the more opinions there are, and the harder it will be to listen to your heart and find the dress that’s right for you. It’s always a good idea to bring at least one trusted friend or family member, but keep your crew to no more than a few people, like your mom, maid of honor, and your grandmother.

            If you made the mistake of bringing too many people along, you aren’t doomed! Go back by yourself or with just one trusted person and try on the dresses you liked the best. You’ll be able to listen to your own intuition, and if you choose a dress that other members of your party didn’t like initially, they probably won’t even remember it was the same dress on your wedding day!

            Key takeaways:

            • Start booking appointments and purchase a dress at least six months before your wedding date.
            • Bring the undergarments and type of shoes you want to wear when you try on dresses.
            • Make sure you can move around in your dress before you declare it is ‘the one’.
            • Bring just a few trusted friends and family members with you when trying on dresses.

            Choose Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Attire

            While you’re in the bridal salons, you might as well take a look at bridesmaid attire. Just like wedding dresses need to be ordered in and altered, so do bridesmaid dresses, so it’s a good idea to get on the same page with all your girls.

            Don’t forget about the guys! Although tuxes can generally be rented much closer to your wedding day, it’s a good idea to get started early so you can make sure your entire bridal party has a cohesive look. Not to mention, groomsmen aren’t always very good about scheduling fittings. The more time they have to get it done, the better!

            Be prepared to have some difficult conversations with your bridal party. Many bridesmaids and groomsmen will say yes without thinking through how much their commitment might cost. If you have members of your bridal party who are struggling to pay so much for a dress or a tux they will never wear again, consider changing your strategy. Allow your bridesmaids to pick their own dresses, as long as they stay within a theme or are a certain color, and allow your groomsmen to wear dress pants and a crisp dress shirt. You can also get together with your groomsmen and ask how open they would be to purchasing a suit for your wedding. Many suits don’t cost much more than renting a tux, and then everyone would have a new suit they could add to their closet.

            This is also an important time to discuss hair and makeup with your bridesmaids. Let them know if you will be providing these services and if you’re planning on paying. It gives them plenty of time to schedule their own hair and makeup the morning of your big day or purchase new makeup, if you won’t be providing them the day-of.

            Key takeaways:

            • Start choosing bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen attire.
            • Consider allowing your bridesmaids to pick their own dresses or your groomsmen to purchase their own suits.
            • Make sure your bridesmaids know what to expect when it comes to hair and makeup on your big day.

            Choose a Suit or Tux for the Groom

            Don’t forget about the groom! Tuxes and suits can be rented closer to your wedding date, as is the case with the suits worn by your groomsmen, but it’s a good idea to choose outfits for the bride, groom, and the entire bridal party at the same time. This ensures everything is fresh in your mind and you don’t forget that you intended for the best man to match the maid

            of honor, but the groom will wear something different, and what colors they were supposed to wear.

            On the surface it may seem like suits and tuxes aren’t all that different, but nothing could be further from the truth. Not only do you have different colors and fabrics to choose between, there are different kinds of lapels, double breasted suits, morning suits, and much more. You can even opt for dress pants with a dress shirt and a vest or suspenders if you want!

            As is the case with the bride’s attire, the groom’s choice is almost always about what you like, but you should follow some of the same rules that brides have to follow. For example, a formal tux with a cummerbund isn’t appropriate at a lake wedding while a neck tie may look better than a bow tie at a backyard wedding.

            Make sure you consider all of your choices. Renting may be convenient, but you may get more bang for your buck by purchasing a suit that can be worn to other formal events in the future. It doesn’t matter if you rent or purchase your attire, you should definitely make sure that it is tailored to fit perfectly. Move around in the suit to ensure it’s comfortable before you take it home to wear it on your wedding day.

            Key takeaways:

            • Choosing the groom's outfit with the bride and rest of the bridal party ensures everything matches just the way you want.
            • Choose a suit or tux style that you like that also matches the style and formality of your nuptials.
            • Consider purchasing a suit over renting one.
            • No matter what you choose to wear, make sure that it is tailored to fit properly.

            Discuss Attire With Important Guests

            It’s not just your bridal party who needs to look the part. There are other important guests at your wedding that you want to fit the theme. For example, you may decide that you want readers, ushers, and attendants to wear certain colors or match your bridal party.

            Don’t forget about your parents, grandparents, and soon-to-be in-laws! There is no need for them to match your bridal party, but that doesn’t mean they should overshadow the bride, and it doesn’t mean they should blend into the background either. Go shopping with your mom and grandmother so you can talk about what kind of outfits they’re comfortable with and would be appropriate for your big day. Let them know if they should stick to a certain color scheme, if they should dress more informally, or if there are certain aspects of their outfit that you would like to match, such as a brooch or a handbag.

            Key takeaways:

            • Decide on attire for readers, ushers, and attendants.
            • Discuss the attire parents and grandparents are expected to wear on your wedding day.

            Book Hotel Rooms

            If you’re planning a destination wedding, it is absolutely vital that you reserve a block of rooms at a local hotel. If you are expecting many guests, you may want to consider booking blocks of rooms at a few different hotels. Not only does this make it easier for guests to reserve a room for your wedding, it ensures there are enough rooms, no matter when they book. In some cases, you can also reserve discounted rates for your guests.

            Even if you’re having your wedding close to home, it’s still a good idea to reserve rooms in at least one nearby hotel and include that information on your invite. That way, friends and family who may be traveling for your wedding know where they can stay.

            Don’t forget about your hotel room! If you plan on staying with your bridesmaids the night before, or if you want to enjoy a romantic evening with your new spouse on the night of your wedding, now is the time to book to ensure you get the room with the full bar or the jacuzzi tub.

            Key takeaways:

            • Reserve a block of rooms, whether you’re having a destination wedding or a wedding close to home.
            • Book a room for the night before your wedding and the night of your wedding, if you so choose.

            Experiment With New Beauty Treatments

            There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel your best on your big day. Just don’t make the mistake of getting a new facial or exfoliating your body for the first time a week before your wedding. You could discover that your facial causes you to break out or the exfoliating agent irritates your skin.

            Now is a good time to try new beauty treatments you think you might want to use on your wedding day. Whether it’s a new moisturizer, foundation, eyelash glue, or laser hair removal, make sure you do it early so you aren’t faced with any unpleasant surprises on your wedding day.

            Key takeaway:

            • Try new beauty treatments months—not weeks—before your wedding to ensure your skin doesn’t react badly.

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