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Things I Wish I Knew Before Planning My Bridal Shower

Planning wedding-related events isn’t something most of us do on a regular basis. So, when it is time to plan something like a bridal shower, it can be nerve-racking to try and get everything right!

There a lot of tips out there on what you should do. Many of those tips are great ideas, but they don’t tell the whole story.

Here are a few things friends, family members, and brides often wish they knew before planning a bridal shower.

The Bride Can Be Involved in the Planning Process

Traditionally, the maid of honor throws the bridal shower, but other friends and family can step up to the plate too. A mother, sister, friend, or even a coworker can plan the shower.

That doesn’t mean the bride shouldn’t be involved! The shower is being thrown in her honor, so it’s important to get her input. That way you don’t end up playing a game that makes the bride feel uncomfortable, or accidentally leaving someone important off the guest list.

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Ask When Important Guests Can Come

It is easy to pick and date and stick to it, but if someone important isn’t able to come to the bridal shower, both you and the bride are going to be disappointed.

Come up with two or three possible dates. Then, ask important guests, like parents, siblings, and best friends, which dates they would be able to make. Choose your date accordingly so the most important guests are guaranteed to be there.

It’s Okay to Host More Than One Shower

Don’t want to open up lingerie in front of grandma? Or maybe the idea of mixing your wild friends from college with your family makes you nervous? It’s totally okay to host more than one shower!

You could have a:

  • Lingerie shower
  • Family shower
  • Friend Shower
  • Coworker Shower
  • Hometown Shower

The trick is to create completely separate guest lists for the showers you do host. That way guests aren’t overwhelmed by having too many pre-wedding events to attend, and they don’t feel like it’s a ploy to get more gifts.

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Set Up Decorations That Can Be Reused

Decorations can get expensive fast. Instead of spending money on single-use items, like bridal shower banners and unique table settings, look for items that can be reused. You might reuse decorative items in your home, but it might also mean being able to reuse them at the wedding.

For example, vases can easily be reused at the reception, table runners can be used to decorate the ceremony arch, and bunny tails can be incorporated into floral arrangements at both the shower and the wedding.

Only Invite Guests Who Are Also Invited to the Wedding

Whether you have one bridal shower or multiple showers, everyone who is invited should be invited to your wedding as well. Although this seems obvious, it’s weirdly easy when planning a shower to end up inviting people who aren’t invited to the wedding.

For example, a neighbor shouldn’t stop by unless they are invited to the wedding, and your friend’s mom shouldn’t help set up the shower unless she’s also invited to the wedding. It prevents hurt feelings down the road.

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Hire a Photographer

Many people who plan a bridal shower don’t think to hire a photographer, but it’s something the bride-to-be would undoubtedly enjoy! Not only will she get beautiful pictures from the shower, it also means you or someone else isn’t stuck trying to take pictures when you should be mixing, mingling, and being a good host!

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The Bride Should Open Her Gifts

Have you thought about what to do with the gifts that are brought? It isn’t uncommon for brides to want to skip out on opening them at the shower. It can be uncomfortable! However, most guests consider it disrespectful not to open their gifts, so make sure you plan time to do that.

If the bride really doesn’t want to open gifts, consider planning a bridal luncheon instead.

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Guests Need Things to Do

It’s a good idea to give guests something to do, especially if many of the guests don’t know each other well. Guests could guess the age of the bride in a bunch of different pictures or fill out a How Well Do You Know the Bride card with a prize for the winner. Something as simple as setting out coloring pages can help keep guests busy.

Don’t shy away from goofy games either! They may sound embarrassing, but they are also the ones that create the best memories.

Let the Vibe of the Shower Be Your Guide

Although you may be tempted to plan out exactly what to do and when at the shower—don’t! It’s actually much better to let the vibe of the shower be your guide.

Plan a rough idea what you want to do at the beginning, middle, and end of the shower. Have a bank of games to play, but don’t be disappointed if you don’t play them all. It’s much better to let the shower evolve organically, giving everyone time to chat, laugh, and have fun.

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