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Top 10 Classy Black Wedding Décor Ideas

Black has traditionally been done one of two ways when it comes to weddings.

Either brides and grooms plan a formal black tie affair, or they’re looking for a gothic Halloween-style wedding. The truth is, black is much more flexible than that.

Black weddings come in many different styles with many different décor ideas. If you have your sights set on a classy black wedding and are looking for specific examples of decorations that will elevate your wedding day style, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are our top 10 classy black wedding décor ideas.

Glossy Black Aisle Runner With a Monogram: Inside Weddings

Black Aisle Runner

One of our favorite black wedding ideas is the use of a black aisle runner at your ceremony. Monogrammed runners are classy while matte runners are modern. Use black macrame rugs for a boho feel at your wedding.

Black Wedding Ceremony Chairs With a Simple Flower Arrangement: Liesl Le Roux

Black Ceremony Chairs

Many wedding ceremony chairs are white. After all, white not only goes with everything, it is a traditional bridal color. However, having dozens of white chairs next to each other at your wedding ceremony creates a light, bright look that you don’t want at a classy black wedding. Set up black chairs instead and you can create a dark, luxurious ambiance at your wedding.

If you have to rent chairs, consider reusing them at the reception to get the most bang for your buck.

Black Metal Wedding Arch With Black Fabric: The Alt Wedding Co.

Black Wedding Arch

There’s a black wedding arch for you, no matter what kind of mood you want to evoke at your wedding.

Cover a regular arch with black fabric or paint a wooden arch with black paint. If you're going for a minimalist look, choose an arch made out of black metal. You can find arches in geometric shapes, whimsical shapes, like moons, and even coffin-shaped arches!

Black Acrylic Wedding Sign With Greenery: Nouba

Black Table Numbers and Signs

Signs contribute a lot to your black wedding décor, especially if you have many different signs scattered throughout your ceremony and reception spaces.

Use black table numbers, place signs in black frames, and use oversized black cardstock for drink and food menus. Black acrylic signs are especially classy and modern.

Black Wedding Bouquet With Red Roses and Blue Thistle: Urban Wedding Company

Black Flowers

Black wedding decorations aren’t complete without black flowers. Choose real blooms that are in-season for a classy wedding day look.

Some of our favorite black blooms include:

  • Queen of the Night Tulips
  • Onyx Odyssey Helleborus
  • Before the Storm Iris
  • Black Baccara Rose
  • Odessa Calla Lily

Incorporate other colors in your bouquets and flower arrangements too. Choose blooms that match your color scheme to create a luxurious, layered look.

Sweetheart Table Covered With a Black Velvet Tablecloth: Foxtail Florals

Black Velvet Tablecloths

Tablecloths are one of the easiest ways to transform a table. If you want a glamorous black wedding, choose black velvet tablecloths.

You can place rectangular black velvet tablecloths on reception tables and round black velvet tablecloths on sweetheart tables, dessert tables, and ceremony tables. You can also create a layered effect with black velvet table runners.

Table Décor Featuring Black Candlesticks and Wine Glasses: From Sophie With Love

Matte Black Candlestick Holders

Black candlestick holders are great for dark weddings, but choosing a matte finish takes your décor to the next level. Single taper candlestick holders are very modern, while matte black candelabras can give your celebration a luxe, gothic feel.

Table Setting Featuring Black Charger Plates and Black Cutlery: Chalet View Lodge

Black Charger Plates and Cutlery

You can create a classy black wedding day look on reception tables by choosing your charger plates carefully. For example, a lacy black charger plate is a great choice for a vintage wedding, while wire charger plates look beautiful at a geometric wedding.

If you really want to wow guests with the details, choose cutlery with black handles.

Black Wedding Cake With Textural Details: Green Wedding Shoes

Towering All-Black Wedding Cake

Make your wedding cake a focal point of your reception by choosing a towering design covered in black icing.

It’s all about the finish on the icing! Avoid the glossy finish of traditional fondant and opt for a matte finish instead. Textured designs can also be beautiful, especially when other details are incorporated, like flowers, fruit, and more.

Seating Cards Tied to Mini Black Bottles of Alcohol: MODWedding

Black Wedding Favors

Favors can make up a good chunk of your décor, especially if you’re inviting many guests to your wedding. Whether you plan on putting favors at each place setting or you’re creating a wall or a table display, make sure those favors are black to keep with your theme.

The item itself could be black, as is the case with black bottles of liquor or champagne, but you can also place candy and other non-black items in black boxes.

A classy black wedding is all about paying attention to every last detail. From the silverware to ceremony chairs, when you take the time to incorporate black details in luxurious ways, you can craft the wedding of your dreams, from top to bottom and start to finish.


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