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Top 10 Colorful Boho Wedding Ideas

Boho weddings are all the rage, and for good reason! They are a beautiful, whimsical, and natural way for brides and grooms to celebrate their nuptials.

Shades of bone and tan with muted shades of sage and mauve are popular choices for boho weddings, but what if you are dreaming of a wedding with a little more color?

Boho weddings don’t have to be au naturel! Here are our top 10 ideas for a colorful boho wedding that is as bright as it is bohemian.

Colorful Dried Floral Arrangement with Pampas Grass and Bunny Tails: Ilaria Marrocco

Incorporate Dried Naturals That Are Died

Dried florals are a natural choice at a boho wedding. If you want a more colorful look, incorporate died dried, naturals into your décor.

Look for things like pink pampas grass and bunny tails. You can find gypsophila in a wide range of hues, or you can paint palm fronds any color of your choice. Dried naturals can be incorporated into your bridal bouquet, boutonnieres, the ceremony arch, and more.

Bride Wearing a Flower Crown and Holding a Bouquet With Heirloom Roses: Dani Nichol Photography

Use Heirloom Roses in Flower Arrangements

Most people don’t envision a big bouquet of roses at a boho wedding, but roses can be a great addition to any bohemian celebration! The trick is choosing the right varieties.

Avoid standard roses and incorporate heirloom-style roses instead. David Austin roses look beautiful in a mixed boho bouquet, as do garden roses and spray roses.

Colorful Rugs Layered on the Grass as a Wedding Aisle: Bespoke Bride

Create a Colorful Aisle With Layered Rugs

Rugs are a boho favorite. All you have to do is choose colorful rugs to make your ceremony aisle come to life!

There’s no need for rugs to match. They can be different shapes, sizes, and colors. Pick up discounted rugs at the thrift store and use rugs you already have at home to get the look for less money.

Rows of Reception Tables With Colorful Mismatched Chairs: Dana Grant Photography

Use Chairs That Don’t Match

If you’re searching for creative and unexpected colorful wedding ideas, use chairs at your ceremony and reception that don’t match.

The more colorful, the better! Incorporate painted wooden chairs, upholstered chairs, folding chairs, benches, and settee chairs for a mismatched, colorful look.

Colorful Mismatched Glasses Stacked on Tiered Glass: Pinkbook

Set Tables With Colorful Glassware

Cups and wine glasses no longer have to be clear. There’s a wide world of colorful glassware out there that will make the table settings at your colorful boho wedding more interesting!

Choose hobnail wine glasses in just one or two colors that match your theme, or go for an eclectic vibe by choosing glasses in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and colors.

Bud Vases and a Tea Light Candle Holder in Different Shapes, Sizes, and Colors: Junebug Weddings

Use Mismatched Table Décor

Not only do mismatched glassware and chairs look great at colorful boho weddings, so do mismatched table décor.

That might mean decorating tables with bud vases in a variety of shapes and sizes, or sticking with the same style of tea light candle holders, but incorporating a range of jewel tones in your display.

Couple Standing in Front of a Backdrop of Colorful Ribbons: Boho Weddings

Hang Ribbons Wherever You Need a Little Color

Stuck with white folding chairs at your reception? Or maybe you like the look of a rustic, wooden ceremony arch, but it’s looking a little bland? Ribbon is a great solution!

Ribbon comes in an endless rainbow of colors, textures, and widths that can be tied to:

Table Centerpiece With Colorful Taper Candles and Flowers: 100 Layer Cake

Use Colorful Candles

The best colorful boho-chic weddings incorporate color in unexpected, playful ways. Taper candles are a great way to incorporate little pops of color that also serve a function by providing romantic lighting at dinner. Choose candlesticks in a single color for a uniform look, or place a rainbow of bright colors in candlestick holders.

Pillar candles come in a wide range of colors too! They look beautiful when arranged on staircases, at the ends of the aisles at your ceremony, and clustered around the base of the ceremony arch.

Small Reception Table Set With Three Different Table Cloths: Waen Glass

Layer Tablecloths in Creative Ways

Instead of sticking with just one tablecloth, why not get creative and use multiple tablecloths? This is one of our favorite colorful wedding ideas because it’s so unique!

Layer three different cheesecloth table runners together that match your boho wedding color palette and run them down the length of the table. If you really want to get creative, lay different colored tablecloths side-by-side to create unique blocks of color at each place setting.

Colorful Bridesmaids Gowns Hanging in the Window With the Bride’s Gown: Green Wedding Shoes

Let Your Bridal Party Wear Colorful Attire

What everyone wears matters too! Make sure there’s plenty of color in your wedding photos by allowing your bridesmaids to wear a range of colorful dresses. Groomsmen can get in on the action by wearing colorful socks, suspenders, and button-up shirts.

Want to inject some color into your wedding-day look while still looking the part of the bride or groom? Wear colorful shoes or a pocket square. Flower crowns are a favorite among brides, while grooms can play with funky patterns.

Not all boho weddings have to include a color palette of all neutral shades! The colorful boho wedding ideas on this list are sure to provide you with the cheerful bohemian vibe you’re searching for on your wedding day.





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