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Top 10 Desert Elopement Wedding Décor Ideas On A Budget

Although some brides and grooms still look forward to a big blowout wedding bash, more and more couples are choosing smaller, more laid back ceremonies. That means smaller venues, no-frills elopements, and DIY décor. Although this concept works for any kind of wedding, desert elopements are especially beautiful, and they are very popular with modern brides.

Whether you’re planning a true elopement with just you and your partner or you plan on inviting a few guests, these desert elopement décor ideas will not only beautify your ceremony and reception, they are easy on your wallet too.

Bride And Groom Standing in the Desert: Mae & Co

Showcase Your Destination

If planning, designing, and buying décor isn’t really your thing, showcase your destination instead! Whether you are planning a California desert elopement, a Desert Harbor elopement, or a desert elopement in Las Vegas, let the surrounding area shine. Dusty tumbleweeds, tall cacti, and the setting sun are all the décor you need!

Dried Flower Bridal Bouquet: Rock My Wedding

DIY Dried Wedding Flowers

Dried wedding flowers are more popular than ever with brides. They look especially striking at a desert elopement.

Craft a desert elopement bouquet out of pampas grass and palm fronds, incorporate herbs, like sage and lemon grass, or dry a bouquet of roses yourself. You can carry a dried flower bouquet down the aisle, create an arrangement for your reception table, or cover your ceremony arch with dried naturals and blooms.

Wedding Lounge Featuring Vintage Finds: Kadie Hummel Photography

Hit the Thrift Store With an Open Mind

If you’re going for a boho, desert vibe, there’s no better place to get decorations than the thrift store. However, it can be a challenge if you’re looking for something specific. Instead, go to the thrift store with an open mind.

Just look around and you may find an old brass candelabra, worn suitcases, macrame plant hangers, and more that would look great at a desert elopement that you may not have initially considered. You might even find the perfect desert elopement dress!

Couple Standing Under a Triangular Arch: Lindsay Newton Photography

Build a Geometric Arch Out of Wood

Geometric arches are a stunning trend that is popular with modern brides and grooms. Instead of a simple archway, these arches come in shapes like hexagons, circles, and diamonds.

Because they are popular desert elopement décor, you can end up spending a lot of money to rent them. If you’re on a budget, construct one out of scrap wood yourself!

Desert Aisle Decorated With Rugs: The Knot

Create an Eclectic Look With Rugs

A traditional aisle runner can look a little out of place at a desert elopement. Rugs are the perfect desert elopement inspiration! They can line an aisle or define a ceremony space.

Buying rugs brand-new can get expensive fast, so consider buying them second-hand instead. Consider using rugs that you already have at home, or ask a friend if you can borrow a few old rugs that they have laying around.

Eclectic Table Settings With Different Glasses: Weddbook

Mix and Match Table Settings

You may not need dozens of place settings at a desert elopement, but you still want your first dinner as husband and wife to look picture-perfect! In the desert, there’s no need to go matchy-matchy. It looks quite stunning when plates, silverware, and chairs complement each other, but don’t necessarily match.

Potted Cacti Centerpiece: Junebug Weddings

Have Fun With Succulents, Cacti, and Air Plants

Succulents, cacti, and air plants are all right at home at a desert elopement! Potted succulents and cacti can line the aisle, they can decorate the ceremony space, and they can be strewn on tables. Air plants can dangle in geometric hangers from an arch or above a table. The best part is, you can take these plants home and enjoy them for years after your wedding!

Bride Holding Rings on a Citrine Geode: 100 Layer Cake

Incorporate Crystals and Stone

There’s just something about the desert that brings out the mystic in all of us. It’s no wonder that crystal and stone are right at home at a desert elopement.

Slate stone can be used in and under centerpieces on tables, while marble napkin rings can be a great way to splurge on place settings when you’re only inviting a few guests. Geodes can be used in table decorations, agates make great drink coasters, crystals can be sprinkled on the cake table, and the right charger plates can give your tables the look of turquoise stone.

Feather Table Cards: Hey Wedding Lady

Have Fun With Feathers

Feathers are a great element to add to your décor because they are easy, fun, affordable, and they are right at home in the desert.

Ostrich feathers can look quite beautiful when incorporated into a dried flower bouquet, while pheasant feathers can be used at a fall desert elopement as table decorations. Feathers can be hung from the ceiling, they can be used in boutonnieres, and they can even double as place cards for guests.

Centerpiece Featuring a Painted Animal Skull: Burnetts Boards

Incorporate Animals

Have a little fun at your desert elopement and invite animal guests! It could mean renting animals, like llamas, to make an appearance, but you and your guests’ pets are also a great addition to your elopement.

Are living animals a little too expensive to rent and too messy to clean up after? Consider decorating with faux animal skulls and fur rugs, or create a signature cocktail and name it after a desert animal, like the Scorpion Bowl.

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