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Top 10 Expert Tips for a Summer Wedding Elopement

Big weddings can be fun, but elopements can be more meaningful. With fewer guests to consider, planning a wedding elopement can be more affordable, and for couples who shy away from the limelight, it can be a more genuine, romantic way to say, “I do.”

Just don’t make the mistake of thinking that planning a wedding elopement is easier. Small weddings require a lot of the same planning as bigger weddings, and there are some things you’ll have to think about that you may not have considered, especially if you’re planning your elopement in the summer.

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Pick the Perfect Spot 

Just because you’re eloping doesn’t mean your ceremony location doesn’t matter! You deserve to pick the perfect spot to exchange vows.

A beach elopement is a great way to get a built-in honeymoon, while wedding elopement packages in Las Vegas make planning a wedding super easy. Whether near home or far away, you deserve to consider the same beautiful wedding elopement venues as brides and grooms who are planning larger gatherings.

Invite Whoever You Want 

Traditionally, a wedding elopement meant only the bride and groom were invited, as well as an officiant to make sure the union was legal, plus a witness or two. You don’t have to stick with these rules if you don’t want to.

Don’t want anyone else there? Consider a self-uniting marriage. Want your bestie there? Consider inviting just one or two people. Immediate family, like parents and siblings can be invited too! You can still say you eloped as long as you keep your list to a handful of guests.

Have Your Ceremony in the Morning or Evening 

The summer months can get hot no matter where you’re getting married. It can be downright excruciating if you’re planning a beach elopement. Beat the heat by getting married in the morning or the evening.

You have a lot more flexibility with a wedding elopement than you do a traditional wedding when it comes to timing. When there are only a few people involved, you can get married as the sun rises or after the sun goes down without having to worry about how it affects guests.


It’s easy to get dehydrated in the heat. It’s even easier if you’re active, as you’re likely to be throughout your wedding day. Make sure you stay hydrated.

You and your partner should each have your own water bottles and know where they can be refilled. Consider carrying an extra if your elopement requires a bit of a hike, or carry a few extra dollars so you can buy a bottle in an emergency if you’re getting married in the city.

Scrutinize the Details of Your Wedding Elopement Package 

Wedding elopement packages can make it a lot less stressful to get married. Just make sure you look over the details of the package carefully before you sign.

For example, are some decorations included, or should you buy your own candle holders? Does it include cake, a photographer, and an officiant? If you aren’t happy with one of the options, can you replace it with something else? Make sure you get exactly what you want by scrutinizing every detail of the contract.

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Wear Appropriate Attire

A ball gown, although gorgeous, is not appropriate attire for an elopement, especially in the summer. Make sure you look at wedding elopement dresses that are appropriate for a summer elopement.

For example, light, flowing, strapless dresses are perfect for the beach, while a fun and funky jumpsuit is perfect for a rooftop Vegas elopement. The groom should leave the jacket behind, while a hat can elevate your look and provide you with protection from the sun.

Carry a Day-of Bag

From makeup to the wedding license, water and even a first aid kit (depending on where you’re eloping), there are a lot of things to make sure you have. With so few people at an elopement, keeping track of that stuff is probably going to be up to you and your partner. One of our favorite wedding elopement ideas involves packing and carrying a bag.

What you pack in the bag is important, but choosing one that’s comfortable and doesn’t detract from your look is important too. With a little creativity, you can even make it part of your wedding day look!

Don't Limit the Details or Decor 

Just because you’re having an elopement doesn’t mean you have to plan a bare bones affair! Don’t limit the details or décor just because your guest list is miniscule.

Order that beautiful cake, hire a florist to install a silk flower wall, and create a gorgeous ceremony backdrop. Hire a harpist to play as you walk down the aisle, create a showstopping bouquet, and absolutely don’t forget about wedding elopement photography, which means splurging on a skilled photographer.

Mail Announcements

Traditional weddings require save the dates and invitations. If you’re eloping, you deserve to announce your wedding too! Do it with wedding elopement announcements.

Announcements can be as simple or as complex as you would like. Include the details of your day and make sure to include at least one picture. If you’re tech-savvy, consider creating a wedding website where a video and photos can be linked that friends and family can view when they learn you just got married!

Consider a Wedding Elopement Reception

Just because you eloped and didn’t tell anyone doesn’t mean you don’t want the whole world to know you got married! Consider a wedding elopement reception after you announce your wedding.

Because it isn’t tied to your wedding date, you have more flexibility. Consider a backyard barbeque in the fall when the weather cools down or book a room at your favorite restaurant with close friends and family when you get home from your destination elopement.

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