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Top 10 Fall Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

The internet is full of bridesmaid proposal ideas that mostly focus on giving gifts. There's nothing wrong with giving your squad soaps, totes, glassware, and jewelry, but we think your bridesmaid proposal should be an event they won’t forget.

On this list, you will find bridesmaid proposal ideas that are not in a box. No matter what your budget or interests, these fall bridesmaid proposal ideas will enable you to ask your bridesmaids to be part of your big day in wonderfully unexpected ways.

Five Women Standing Around a Table Outside a Vine-Covered Building: Jordan Winery

Schedule a Wine Tasting at a Vineyard

If you and your squad love a good glass of wine, schedule a wine tasting at a vineyard. It doesn’t mean you have to hop on a plane if you don’t have the budget. You’d be surprised how many vineyards you can find close to home!

Vineyards are beautiful all year long, but they are especially beautiful in the fall when all the leaves begin to change colors. Try new wines, enjoy the view, and casually ask your girls to be part of your squad on your wedding day.

Two Women Sitting on Pumpkins and Laughing: Emma’s Edition

Spend a Day at the Pumpkin Patch or Apple Orchard

Head to the pumpkin patch for a day of fun! Feed the goats, walk through the corn maze, and enjoy seasonal treats, like caramel apples, before asking your friends to become your bridesmaids.

An apple orchard can be fun too! Walk through the orchard and pick apples before enjoying some apple cider and donuts.

Women Arranging Flowers at a Long Table: Kim Branagan

Sign Up For a Floral Workshop

Figuring out how to plan a bridesmaid proposal can feel overwhelming. You can make it a lot easier by planning an activity that’s taught by an expert, like a floral workshop.

Have the florist choose seasonal blooms and have all of your girls create mini bouquets. When they are all complete, snap a picture of them holding their creations and ask them to be your bridesmaids!

Women Screaming and Hiding Inside a Haunted House: Daily Mail

Pop the Question After an Evening of Haunted Houses

If you’re searching for a truly unforgettable bridesmaid proposal idea that coincides with the fall season, consider popping the question after an evening of heart-racing haunted houses.

Tell your girls that it would be scary to get married without them! Then, ask them to be in your bridal party. You could also work with the haunted house and have one of the costumed actors hold up a sign that says, “Will you be my bridesmaids?” as they exit.

Women Wearing 80’s Style Prom Dresses Posing For a Picture: Housewife 2 Hostess

Dress Up For Halloween

Another Halloween-themed bridesmaid proposal idea involves having your squad dress up together. Tell everyone to dress up in 80’s prom attire. Then, when you’re ready to go out, slip into a gaudy thrifted wedding dress instead. Your girls will get the hint that you want them to be part of your wedding-day crew.

Woman Cleaning Out a Carved Pumpkin With a Knife: Pexels

Carve a Pumpkin

Pumpkins are a staple in the fall. Why not invite your friends over to carve pumpkins? As they are carving creatures into their gourds, carve “Will you be my bridesmaids?” into your pumpkin. It’s a fun way to get into the Halloween spirit and surprise your friends with a bridesmaid proposal they will never forget.

Mini Pies Topped With Whipped Cream and Chocolate Shavings: Simply Delicious

Bake a Pie

If you’re searching for a bridesmaid proposal with food, but you’re looking for something a little different, consider pie. There’s nothing like a warm apple pie or refreshing pumpkin pie in the fall. Spell out your proposal with whipped cream or send mini pies in boxes to friends you can’t see in person.

Two Women Drinking From Mugs By a Campfire: Pexels

Get Together For Hot Dogs and Smores

Bridesmaid proposal dinner ideas often involve a lot of planning. If you’re looking for a more relaxed dinner idea, cozy up by the fire and roast hot dogs and smores.

All you have to do is ask your friends to be bridesmaids as you’re spending time together. A gift would also be appropriate. Think monogrammed blankets and personalized mugs for hot cocoa.

Feet in Converse Sneakers Sticking Out a Car Window as it Drives Down the Road: Unsplash

Take a Fall Foliage Road Trip

Road trips are a fun way to spend time together, so hop into the car, hit the road, and check out the beautiful fall foliage!

There are a lot of unforgettable fall foliage road trip ideas, but you can also just hop into the car and start driving. Chances are, there is some beautiful scenery near where you live. When you hop out of the car to take a group picture, instead of saying “Smile!” say, “Will you be my bridesmaids?”

Three Women Talking During an Outdoor Movie: Style Me Pretty

Host a Movie Night

There’s nothing like getting cozy indoors for a movie night in the fall. Invite your squad over and play seasonal favorites, like Hocus Pocus or The Nightmare Before Christmas. Sneak in a showing of Bridesmaids and your girls will want to know if it means what they think it means!

Not all bridesmaid proposals have to come in a box! Get creative with these fall bridesmaid proposal ideas and plan a way to ask your girls to be in your wedding that they won’t forget.


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