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Top 10 Fun Wedding Activities For Guests

Guests have come to expect music and dancing at weddings. Whether there’s a DJ or live musicians, it’s a good bet that kids and adults of all ages will love hitting the dance floor.

But, what if you want to do something a little different?

There are plenty of fun wedding activities that you can choose from!

These activities don’t have to completely replace music and dancing at your wedding either. Add these fun wedding activities in an area that’s separate from the dance floor, offer them during cocktail hour, or after the big dance party.

The question is, which activity is right for your wedding?

Here are a few of our favorites to help you decide.

Basket of Crockett Mallets With a Lawn Games Sign: The Wedding of My Dreams

Lawn Games

When it comes to outdoor wedding games, lawn games are a no-brainer. They are a great way to get guests mixing and mingling during cocktail hour, and they are a great way to keep younger guests busy.

A few of the best lawn game ideas include:

  • Oversized Jenga
  • Ring Toss
  • Oversized Connect Four
  • Giant Tic Tac Toe
  • Custom Cornhole
  • Bowling
  • Wooden Ladder Toss
  • Crockett

Table Centerpiece With a Board Game and Dice: Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

Table Games

Table games are a great option if you’re looking for fun wedding games you can play inside. It’s as easy as setting some of your favorite board games out on reception tables for your guests to enjoy.

There are also more creative, wedding-themed games you can set out for your guests. Create a game of I Spy so guests can search for specific details at your reception. Wedding-themed Mad Libs can be fun, as can a custom game of Guess Who with pictures of the wedding party.

Video Games

If you and your partner are gamers, and you have lots of friends who are gamers, why not set up a video game station at your wedding?

Retro games are best. They are a great way to get older guests and little kids in on the action. Also, their short format means serious gamers won’t get carried away and spend the entire night playing an open-ended game.

Wedding Guests Playing Bingo at a Reception Table: The Knot

Bingo, And Other Games For Large Groups

If you’re looking for wedding reception games you can play with a large group, consider Bingo. Hire an eccentric announcer or a drag queen to call numbers and your game will be especially entertaining.

A murder mystery can be fun if you’re looking for a structured activity. Get nostalgic and play games with a giant parachute like you did in elementary school PE, or play a round of Telephone Pictionary.

Juggler on Stilts Performing At a Wedding Reception: Dallas K Photography

Live Entertainment

Live entertainment is a great activity for your wedding guests to enjoy! They can perform during cocktail hour or dinner, with dancing to follow. They can also provide you with a great transition between a live band and a DJ at the after party.

Some live entertainment choices include:

  • Fire danger
  • Magician
  • Comedian
  • Jugglers

Painters, Palm Readers, and Other Service Providers

Why not give your guests something fun to take home that was made just for them? Caricature artists and painters are fun reception ideas. You can also have someone make flower crowns for your guests.

Other types of service providers can be fun too! Palm and tarot readers are great for a celestial or spooky October wedding, while kids and adults alike will enjoy face painting.

Groom Taking a Picture With a Llama: The Neon Tea Party

Pets and Petting Zoos

Your guests are sure to smile when your wedding is full of animals! Have a petting zoo at your wedding, or let guests participate in fun wedding activities with animals, like posing for pictures with a pair of llamas or letting the kids ride ponies.

If you’re working with a tight budget, skip the petting zoo and ask guests to bring their pets instead. Guests will love playing with the dogs, rabbits, and other furry critters your guests bring.

Bride and Groom Jumping in a Bouncy Castle: Jessie Hazel Creative

Child-Friendly Fun

Think back to your childhood and incorporate some of your favorite things into your wedding. Kids and adults alike are sure to love it!

For example, kids love bouncy castles, but you can bet plenty of adults will want to kick off their shoes too. Having a piñata is a fun wedding activity when guests take turns taking a swing. If you have the budget, fairground rides are sure to be a popular addition to your wedding.

Wedding Party Taking a Hayrack Ride: Style Me Pretty

Free Rides

A unique take on fun wedding activities is to offer free rides to your guests. They could be tractor or hayrack rides at a farm wedding or four wheeler rides if you’re hosting your wedding on the family acreage. Boat and jet ski rides are fun if your nuptials are taking place on the water, while carriage rides are perfect at a fairytale wedding.

Watch a Movie

If you’re looking for a chill wedding activity, screen a movie. You can set up an inflatable screen outdoors, place chairs in rows, and pass out popcorn for a theater experience. Or, you can play a favorite movie during cocktail hour while guests mix and mingle.

Music and dancing are great ways for your guests to have fun at your wedding, but they aren’t the only ways to have fun! Your friends and family will love doing something a little different when you choose one of the ideas on this list.

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