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Top 10 Ideas for Outdoor Wedding Themes & Styles

Outdoor weddings have always been popular, but they are even more popular now. As brides and grooms try and figure out how to have a wedding during COVID-19, the outdoors has provided a safer way for groups of people to gather with less risk of transmitting the virus.

Whether you’re looking for a safe way for friends and family to gather or you’re just looking for fun outdoor wedding themes and styles, we’ve got you covered! Here are some of our favorite ideas for an outdoor wedding.

Wedding Centerpiece Featuring Moss: The Knot

Garden Party

In many ways, the garden party is the classic outdoor wedding theme. There’s just something magical about getting married among the flowers and perfectly manicured hedges.

There are a million ways to make this wedding theme your own. Hang tealight candle holders from tree branches, decorate tables with moss, and set up a flower wall as the perfect backdrop for your ceremony.

Estate Courtyard With Reception Tables: Gabriela Pilar Events

Chic Estate Party

If you’re looking for a way to upgrade the classic garden party wedding, consider a chic estate party theme.

This theme is more about the setting than anything else. Choose a swanky wedding venue that features decorative statues, fountains, and gravel footpaths. Meandering estates are an especially good choice for a COVID-19 wedding because smaller conversation areas can be set up all over the grounds, discouraging large group gatherings.

Cabana Draped in Gauzy Fabric: Style Me Pretty

Tropical Escape

Palm leaves are more popular than ever at weddings, so why not get in on the fun and create a tropical escape theme for your wedding!

This theme is an especially good idea for couples who like the idea of a beach wedding, but want to do something a little different. Decorate with banana leaf prints and create cabanas decorated with gauzy fabric. They make great conversation areas for guests, but they also encourage social distancing.

Vineyard Ceremony Space: Feathered Arrow Events

Vineyard Wedding

Vineyard weddings are another popular wedding theme that is also great during the coronavirus pandemic. With expansive grounds, it’s easy to space tables appropriately while reducing the number of chairs at each table.

With a vineyard wedding, there is very little decorating to do. Let the vineyard shine by focusing on details like table settings, the ceremony backdrop, and using wine barrels as tables to display a few floral arrangements.

Backyard Reception Table: Love the Day

Backyard BBQ Bash

If you want to keep your wedding small and easygoing, a backyard wedding might be for you. Hosting a BBQ is a great option, just as long as you don’t make the mistake of thinking it has to be informal.

Have yard games and keep the smoker going, but it’s also okay to set tables with rustic wooden charger plates, hang fairy lights from the branches of nearby trees, and create stunning floral arrangements on each table. Requesting formal attire on your invitations is quick and easy way to elevate the look and feel of your backyard wedding.

Bride and Groom Walking Donkeys: The Wellbeing Farm

Rustic Farm Wedding

Barn weddings have been popular in recent years, but you can take this idea to the next level by taking over the farm—not just the barn.

The great thing about a rustic farm wedding is that guests aren’t stuck inside the barn. In the spring, guests can mingle with baby farm animals, summer wedding guests can stroll the grounds and admire sunflower fields, while fall guests can explore a pumpkin patch.

Front Porch Ceremony Space: Cedarwood Weddings

Fancy Front Porch Ceremony

If the coronavirus is a real concern at your wedding, if you don’t have a big budget, or if you want to keep things simple, you should host a fancy front porch ceremony.

This idea requires that you have a front porch that’s big enough to host a small wedding, but not all of your guests are required to be on the porch with you. Decorate your porch with lights, hang flower garlands around the outside of the porch, and hang potted flowers from the ceiling. Guests can gather in the yard during your ceremony and mingle in the yard during your reception.

Ceremony Aisle in the Snow: Offbeat Bride

Snowy Mountain Wedding

There’s no denying that spring, summer, and fall weddings are beautiful, but winter weddings can be just as gorgeous. They can be a lot of fun too if you have a snowy mountain wedding!

Guests will naturally be covered up at a snowy mountain wedding, so you’ll worry a lot less about germs. In lieu of a traditional wedding reception, consider inviting guests to snowboard, sled, or ski for some safe, germ-free fun!

Bride and Groom Walking Down a Tailgate Aisle: Here Comes the Guide

Tailgate Wedding

Do you and your partner love football season? Guests might expect a football-themed fête, but they may not expect a tailgate wedding!

In order for a tailgate wedding to work, you need access to a large parking lot. Line out your aisle and invite guests to park their cars along the aisle. That way, everyone can stay a safe distance away during your ceremony, they can mingle at their comfort level after the ceremony is over, and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind recessional experience you’ll never forget!

Drive-in Movie Wedding Ceremony: ABC News

Drive-in Movie Event

The theater is a fun choice for a wedding if you and your partner like movies, but if social distancing is important, or you simply have your heart set on an outdoor wedding, consider a drive-in movie event.

Set up your ceremony space at night and broadcast your nuptials over a large projector screen. Guests can set up lawn chairs or drive up and stay in their car while they watch you exchange your vows.


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