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Top 10 Wedding Entrance Decor Ideas for Outdoor Weddings

It’s normal to spend a lot of time planning certain aspects of your wedding day. Many brides and grooms focus on the altar and centerpieces for the reception tables, but there is a lot more that you have to think about.

The surprise and anticipation of seeing the bride for the first time is half the fun at the ceremony, while a grand entrance into the reception space can make all of your guests feel special. It’s a little easier to make a grand entrance when you celebrate indoors, so how can you use wedding entrance décor to make your outdoor appearance in style? Here are a few wedding entrance decoration ideas to get you started!

Bride and Father Waiting to Walk Through the Curtains: 100 Layer Cake

Romantic Curtains

If romance is the theme of your big day, look no further than billowing curtains. Although they are frequently hung from indoor doorways, simple wooden or metal frames can be draped in chiffon fabric or pre-made curtains and placed at the end of an outdoor aisle. Curtains are also great wedding entrance décor for receptions, as they can be hung on tent doorways and patios.

Painted Wedding Sign Decorating a Ceremony Aisle: Maggie Grace Photography

Rustic Signs

Rustic weddings are more popular than ever, and they often take place outside. Keep things simple and make sure your wedding entrance décor matches your theme with rustic signs.

Signs can do everything from telling guests where to sit to announcing the names of the new couple. Sign stations at the end of the aisle and at the reception entrance look even more decorative when they are combined with other rustic items, like wooden crates, lanterns, and wine barrels.

Dreamcatchers Hanging From the Trees: Green Wedding Shoes

Hanging Hoops

Hanging hoops from trees and other outdoor structures, like garden trellises, can add a dreamy feeling to a boho wedding, especially if you decorate your entrance space with dreamcatchers made of lace, ribbon, and crocheted designs.

If you’re going for a more modern look, consider metal hoop wreaths instead. Flowers and other objects can be attached before they are hung, but your wedding entrance décor will look even more striking at a modern or an avant garde wedding when they are hung bare.

Simple Ribbon Ceremony Entrance: Martha Stewart

Whimsical Ribbon

If you’re having a relaxed backyard fête or you’re planning a whimsical affair, ribbon is a great way to decorate entrance spaces. They can be hung from up above, long ribbons can drape to the ground to create a reveal moment at the end of the aisle, and the can be staked into the ground so they rustle around and blow in the wind.

Ribbon is a great option for the low-budget or crafty bride too. There are a lot of great DIY wedding décor projects that involve ribbon!

Bride and Groom in a Lighted Tunnel: Nikosxatziioannidis Music and Events

Twinkling Tunnel

If you’re planning a nighttime wedding, consider a twinkling tunnel that is set up at the end of the aisle or at the entrance to your reception space. It can add a romantic touch to your wedding, and it can provide guests with a sense of awe.

A simple tunnel with fairy lights is all you need, but you can also incorporate other elements like fabric, flowers, and more, depending on the look you’re going for. Grand twinkling tunnels are especially popular as wedding entrance decoration at Indian weddings.

Wedding Balloon Arch With Flowers: Bubblegum Balloons

Playful Balloons

Balloons aren’t just for kids parties. If you’re planning a fun and festive gathering, consider creating balloon arches!

When constructed properly, balloon arches can be built that don’t look anything like what you would see at a kid’s birthday party. Use balloons of various sizes, create a tunnel of arches, and combine balloons with ribbon and other decorative items to make your wedding entrance décor pop.

Rustic Flower Arch With Branches: WedLuxe

Flower Arches

If you just can’t fathom using balloon arches at your wedding, go in a different direction by decorating arches at your wedding with flowers. Flowers make for a grand entrance, and when you choose the right blooms, they can fill your ceremony and reception spaces with a beautiful scent.

Don’t think you have to use real blooms if you don’t have the budget! Your wedding entrance decoration can include arches covered in silk hydrangea floral garlands at a garden wedding or dried flowers at a boho celebration.

Lantern and Candle Walkway: Wedding Chicks

Simple Vases, Lanterns, and Candles

If you want your wedding entrance to look special, but you don’t want to spend a lot of time planning or decorating, keep things simple with vases, lanterns, and candles. Large hurricane candle holders can be arranged at the end of the aisle, while wedding entrance walkways can be scattered with votive candle holders filled with twinkling candlelight. Combine vases and candles with greenery for a romantic feel, place candles in lanterns at a rustic wedding, or let the candles shine alone at a wedding with modern sensibility.

Worn Wooden Ceremony Entrance Doors: Style Me Pretty

Doors and Gates

Outdoor weddings can be particularly difficult for brides who want a big reveal. Instead of guests looking at you as you prepare to walk down the aisle, stand behind a set of closed doors that ushers can open when you’re ready to make your grand entrance.

If you’re more interested in the décor aspect of your entrance rather than the big reveal, you can consider wedding entrance gate decorations or set up glass doors.

Plinths Featuring Floral Arrangements: Inside Weddings

Stately Statues

Balloons, grand floral tunnels, and dangling ribbons are too much at a minimalist wedding. Set up your wedding entrance décor in minutes by making a statement with statues.

Oversized statues can be placed on either side of the aisle to make a statement without any fuss. Lions are a favorite, but you can also consider statues of your Chinese zodiac animal, religious icons, and more. Plinths can be arranged alone or feature smaller statues, candles, and creative floral arrangements.




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