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Top 10 Mustard Yellow Wedding Color Combination Décor Ideas

Love the color yellow, but worried that a bright, cheerful hue isn’t appropriate for the kind of mood you want to set? Tweak the shade from a bright sunshiny yellow to mustard!

Mustard yellow wedding colors are a natural pick for fall weddings, but there are many other hues that play nicely with this color, making it a great choice for weddings all year long. Here are a few of our favorite colors to pair with darker shades of yellow, as well as some mustard yellow wedding décor ideas along the way.

Mustard Yellow Tablescape Featuring a Terracotta Centerpiece: Martha Stewart


Terracotta is a hugely popular color at weddings right now, and it’s a great pick if you want to make your mustard yellow wedding theme come to life. This color combination is right at home in the desert, but it also looks great at a late summer wedding, whether indoors or out.

The terracotta color can be used in many ways, but the most obvious way to integrate this trend is by using actual terracotta. Decorate with potted plants, put flowers in terracotta vases, and pass out mini potted plants as wedding favors.


Bride Wearing a Dusty Blue Dress and a Yellow Floral Headpiece: Ruffled Blog

Dusty Blue

Mustard yellow wedding colors look great with many different shades of blue, but if you’re looking for something a little different, skip deeper shades of blue and try dusty blue instead.

Dusty blue is a popular color at the moment, and it plays especially well with mustard yellow. Because it’s lighter in color, it looks just as beautiful at a spring wedding as it does a fall wedding, making it a versatile choice for brides getting married throughout the year.


Bride and Groom Walking With Bridesmaids: Elizabeth Anne Designs


Pantone’s two colors of the year happen to be illuminating yellow and ultimate gray! It should come as no surprise then that mustard yellow looks just as beautiful with ultimate gray, as well as other shades of this neutral color. It’s an especially good choice for brides and grooms who want less playful and more sophisticated décor.

Gray suits are a great choice for groomsmen, while gray tables with yellow blooms are an easy way to decorate. Incorporating metal, like using galvanized charger plates and silver votive candle holders can add more depth to your mustard yellow wedding décor.

Table Setting Featuring Greenery and a Mustard Yellow Glass: Style Me Pretty

Sage Green

When using mustard yellow wedding colors, you can mute other shades as well to get a cohesive look. That’s why sage green looks so great with this hue.

The easiest way to decorate with sage green is to include plenty of greenery. While your bridesmaids wear yellow and tables are set with yellow tablecloths, you can hang greenery from a ceremony arch, drape eucalyptus over the ends of long tables, and carry a bouquet of green leaves.

Place Setting Featuring Golden Yellow and Brown: The Perfect Palette

Tan and Browns 

Nothing looks better than mustard yellow wedding décor with tans and browns at a fall wedding! Pick your favorite brown and enhance it with this particular shade of yellow. Create a ceremony arch out of manzanita branches, have your reception in a barn, and try chocolate frosting on your wedding cake in lieu of buttercream.

Mustard Yellow and White Bouquet: Karina & Maks

Crisp White

Crisp white is a traditional wedding color that doesn’t get a lot of attention today, but it should when it comes to pairing it with mustard yellow wedding colors.

A bouquet of yellow and white will always be beautiful, mustard yellow napkins will pop against white tablecloths, and you can get the pristine white wedding cake you have always dreamed of.

Table Setting Featuring Mustard and a Woven Wedding Menu: Green Wedding Shoes

Boho Neutrals 

If white is a bit too stark for your tastes and you’ve got your sights set on a boho celebration instead, opt for off-white neutrals.

One of our favorite mustard yellow wedding décor ideas with boho neutrals involves using rattan wedding décor. Hang rattan chandeliers above reception tables at a warehouse wedding, create a walkway out of rattan candle lanterns at a beach wedding, or create a backdrop out of woven disks at a forest wedding.

Bridesmaid With a Mustard Yellow and Merlot Bouquet: Fab Mood


If you like the look of darker shades with mustard yellow wedding décor instead of colors like dusty blue, sage green, and crisp white, consider merlot.

This sophisticated shade of red is great at a fall wedding, but it is also a great way to get festive during the winter season without going overboard. By using mustard yellow with things like cranberries and evergreen boughs with berries, you can celebrate the season without making your décor look too Christmassy.

Bride Walking With Bridesmaids Wearing Mustard Yellow and Burnt Orange: Happy Wed

Burnt Orange 

Burnt orange is a great choice for summer brides and grooms who want their wedding to be colorful without being too bright. Try sunflowers in more muted shades of yellow and incorporate fruit and vegetables in your décor, like peaches and carrots. 

This color combo works well for fall brides too, especially if bridesmaids wear velvet dresses.

Mustard Yellow and Lilac Wedding Cake: Elegant Wedding Invites

Violet and Lilac

Looking for a color to pair with your mustard yellow wedding colors that guests won’t expect? Go for purple in shades of violet and lilac!

This combination can look quite sophisticated when executed properly. The key is to use high-quality décor. Skip the streamers and hang velvet ribbon from trees, choose real purple blooms over dyed ones, and choose plush fabrics, like chiffon, over tulle and shiny satin.

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