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Top 10 Spring & Summer Wedding Backdrop Installation Ideas

There’s nothing quite like a good wedding backdrop! They are popularly used at the alter to create a focal point during the ceremony, but they can be used in many other ways too. They look great when propped up behind the wedding cake, they look stunning behind the head table at the reception, and they can create the perfect scene for photobooths and selfies.

If you like the idea of creating a backdrop for your wedding, but you aren’t sure what kind of look you like, or even what would look best at a spring or summer wedding, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of our favorite wedding backdrop installation ideas for spring and summer weddings.

Flower Wall Featuring Neon Letters: Elizabeth James Events

Flower Wall

Flower walls are hugely popular, and it’s easy to see why. They look absolutely stunning as both a ceremony backdrop and at the reception.

If cost and/or time is an issue, consider silk flowers on ready-made panels. If uniqueness is your biggest concern, you can always make your flower wall more special by integrating unique flowers or hanging unique items in front of the flower wall, like a neon sign.

Hanging Carnation Blooms: Southern Living

Hanging Blooms

Flowers are popular when creating wedding backdrop installations, especially in the spring and summer because so many beautiful flowers are in bloom. If you like the idea of using flowers, but don’t want to do a flower wall because it’s a little too trendy, consider hanging blooms instead.

Flowers can be hung from pots and vases to create a stunning backdrop, but we especially love the look of individual blooms tied to fishing line. It’s creative, it’s gorgeous, and anyone can do it and get a professional look.

Bride Standing in Front of Unique Fabric Backdrop: Quero de Casamento

Draping Fabric

Few things make an event look more grand, polished, and romantic than fabric. When you use the right fabric, it can give your event an ethereal feel.

Fabric can be used to create a backdrop, or it can be hung in panels to divide different areas of a large room. Chiffon can be draped over an arch and decorated with blooms, while fabric can be hung and draped on walls to give a grand space a luxe feel. Fabric can also be woven or draped in interesting ways for a unique look.

Bride Standing In Front of a Ribbon Backdrop: Wedding Chicks


If you want your wedding to be fun, playful, and whimsical, consider creating a wedding backdrop installation out of ribbon!

Ribbon can be tied and hung from a simple arch or tied to a piece of string and hung from the branches of a tree. You can inject pops of color by using ribbon in your wedding colors, keep things simple with strips of tulle, or use macrame and lace to give your backdrop a boho vibe.

Gauzy Fabric Backdrop Featuring Writing: Martha Stewart

Backdrop of Vows

If you want to do something that your guests aren’t likely to have seen anywhere else, consider a backdrop that displays your vows, a poem, or the lyrics to a favorite song on an oversized piece of paper or a long bolt of fabric. Words can be printed or transferred, but they look especially romantic when painted by hand. If handwriting isn’t a talent of yours, enlist the help of a friend or hire a professional calligrapher.

Doors Arranged in Front of a Stained Glass Window: Martha Stewart

Decorated Doors

If you’re going for a vintage look, or reclaiming materials is important to you because you’re hosting an eco-friendly wedding, consider using doors as the backdrop to your alter or as a backdrop in your reception space.

Barn and distressed, whitewashed doors are perfect for a rustic wedding, but you can also find and paint doors for a more polished look. Doors can also be arranged side-by-side for an eclectic appearance.

Macrame Wedding Table Backdrop: Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

Boho Macrame

Some backdrops require quite an involved installation process. If you’re looking for a backdrop that’s a little easier to move and install, consider creating a backdrop out of macrame.

This look has really taken off in interior décor and weddings, especially at boho fêtes, but it can look quite beautiful at a garden or a more traditional wedding too. Detailed macrame can provide you with the appearance of lace, while geometric shapes are perfect for an industrial wedding where a feminine touch is needed.

Alter Decorated With a Backdrop of Lights: Rock My Wedding


Curtain lights are an easy way to create a stunning backdrop in both indoor and outdoor spaces, especially after the sun goes down, but lights can also give you a twinkling effect when used during the day.

Layer fairy lights inside the folds of fabric or make a bold statement with Edison bulbs. Either way, lights can enhance your space during the day and treat guests to an entirely different look as the sun goes down.

Unique Geometric Wedding Backdrop: Lapis de Noiva

Go Geometric

Arches have been a wedding staple for decades, but brides and grooms today are looking for something a little different. That’s why many are turning to geometric shapes constructed out of metal and wood.

Circles and triangles are popular, but other shapes, like rectangles, hexagons, and crystal formations can make your wedding look even more unique. Let the geometric shape speak for itself, or adorn it with wisps of fabric and blooms.

Simple Floral Arrangements Flanking a Table in the Mountains: Style Me Pretty

Frame Nature

Sometimes, less is more, especially if you’re taking advantage of scenic views at your spring or summer wedding. Instead of going big with fabric panels, tons of blooms, or lights, keep things simple. Decorate with a few vases of flowers and a table for signing documents, or create a focal point with a simple arch. That way you can let the splendor of the spring or summer season be the ultimate backdrop.

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