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Top 10 Tips for Planning a Magical Forest Wedding

Every wedding has its own magic, but no wedding theme is more enchanting than a magical forest wedding. Surrounded by tall trees, birds, and wildflowers, it’s a great choice for eco-friendly couples and those who have a deep appreciation for nature.

Making the most of that magic doesn’t come easy, though. Getting married outside poses its own challenges, especially if you want to get married among the trees.

Here are 10 things you’ll want to think about ahead of your big day to make sure your forest wedding feels as magical as you imagined.

Outdoor Triangular Arch Covered in Dream Catchers and Flowers: Junebug Weddings

Zero in on a Specific Forest Theme

All forest weddings are not the same. To get a cohesive look, you need to consider forest wedding theme ideas like:

  • Rustic-chic forest wedding with wood vases and slabs of wood used as painted signs
  • Boho forest wedding with dream catchers and pampas grass
  • Fairy forest theme with moss covered tables and cloches filled with fairy lights

Outdoor Dessert Table Covered in Fruit, Colorful Flowers, and Greenery: Inside Weddings

Don’t Shy Away From Color

A neutral color palette can create a beautiful forest wedding aesthetic, but don’t think it’s your only option. Forest weddings that incorporate color can be beautiful as well.

Decorate with colorful flowers, incorporate juicy fruit on tables, and wear colorful attire to liven things up. If you’re hoping to let the natural surroundings shine, try choosing just one color to integrate with greenery and white details.

Bride, Groom, and Bridal Party Standing Under a Tree With Dangling Lights: Pro Wedding Invites

Choose Your Ceremony Spot Carefully

Where to have a forest wedding is really up to you! But, you do have to choose your spot carefully for a few different reasons.

You have to make sure you can get the right permits, as you can’t just pick a spot and show up with your guests. The bathroom situation is important to consider. Even if there’s a shelter with facilities, they can be run down, so you may have to rent porta potties anyway. Picking the right spot also enables you to use nature as your altar, reducing the costs that are associated with ceremony décor.

Wedding Ceremony Aisle Flanked By Benches: Brides

Think Through the Ceremony Seating Arrangement

With trees and plants in the way, you may have to get creative with ceremony seating.

You can consider seating in the round or a spiral seating arrangement if you’re looking for something a little different. Benches and bales of hay sit better on soft ground than chairs with legs that can sink into the soil. If you’re looking for a relaxed atmosphere, blankets, pillows, and poufs can also be a great solution.

Bride and Groom Walking Through the Forest Wearing Boots: Amy Galbraith

Make Sure Everyone Can Get There

Getting to your ceremony spot can include quite a trek if you’re exchanging vows in the forest. Make sure your guests can get there.

Inform guests of the location, so they can plan ahead. Parents may bring strollers for young kids and older relatives may skip the heels and wear tennis shoes instead. Rent a golf cart, if possible, to help elderly guests make it to your ceremony spot.

How you’re going to get there matters too! You might have to change into your wedding-day shoes after the trek, or figure out how to use a trash bag to gather up your dress so it doesn’t get dirty before you make it to the altar.

Fern Wedding Bouquet: The Wedding of My Dreams

Look to Local Foliage For Bouquets and Centerpieces

Let nature inspire you when designing your bouquets and centerpieces. Incorporate greenery and wildflowers that have been plucked from the area (with the venue’s permission, of course).

It can be especially stunning to incorporate native plants with unexpected blooms, like ferns paired with orchids and wildflowers with dried bunny tails.

Ribbons Hanging From a Tree: The Rancher’s Daughter

Decorate the Trees

The trees can stand for themselves, but don’t think that means you can’t zhoosh them up a bit! Some of the most stunning forest wedding decorations involve decorating the trees.

Create a floral garland and spiral it around the trunk. Ribbons hanging from the trees are beautiful at a whimsical wedding, while hanging chandeliers are a great option for more formal affairs.

Groom and Officiant Waiting Under a Chuppah for the Bride: Jelger and Tanja

Have a Plan for Every Kind of Weather

Planning for the weather is important for any outdoor wedding. At a forest wedding, keep in mind that rain can still drip from the trees after the storm passes, so make sure you keep umbrellas handy. The wind can bring a chill with it in the fall, so a jacket or shawl may be needed.

Think about the sun too! The rising and setting sun can shine through the trees, blinding you and your guests. In addition, forests aren’t always as shady as you expect. Orient your ceremony space and plan your nuptials carefully to avoid being annoyed by the rays of a sunny day.

Seated Guests Waiting for the Bridal Party to Arrive at the Altar: The Knot

Spray for Bugs

So many brides and grooms don’t think about the bugs! Prevent you and your guests from swatting at insects during your ceremony and reception by having the area sprayed. Citronella candles can also be effective, while bug repellant bracelets are a wedding favor guests will actually appreciate.

Naked Wedding Cake Covered With a Cloche: Style Me Pretty

Have a Plan to Keep Food Fresh

All those bugs can wreak havoc on the food too! So can the heat of the sun. That’s why it’s important to have a plan to keep the food fresh.

Talk with your vendors about only setting out hors d'oeuvres, dinner, cake, and sweets right before they are ready to be served. Glass lids and cloches can cover food, while ice trays can help keep things cold.

Hosting a magical forest wedding is about creating an enchanting event, but it’s also about making sure you and your guests are comfortable. Plan ahead with the ideas on this list and your guests are sure to experience the magic of your big day.


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