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Top 10 Unique Fall Wedding Themes for 2021

When you think of fall weddings, what comes to mind? You probably think of barn weddings, pumpkin decorations, and fall foliage colors in shades of burgundy and brown. There’s nothing wrong with these themes if that’s what your heart desires, but what if you want to do something unexpected, more creative, and more you?

There are plenty of unique wedding themes for fall 2021 to choose from. You just have to get a little creative. Having a little help from a wedding industry insider like Koyal Wholesale doesn’t hurt either!

Here are 10 of our favorite unique fall wedding themes for 2021 and beyond:

  • Farm-fresh harvest
  • Leafy forest
  • Back to school
  • Moody jewel tones
  • Gothic Halloween
  • Boho chic
  • Luxe Moroccan style
  • Autumn wine
  • Folk festival
  • Terrazzo

Bride and Groom Standing in Front of a Field of Cows: Events by Elaine

Farm-Fresh Harvest

Orange pumpkins and gourds are a staple on lists of fall wedding themes and colors. If you want to put a spin on this idea, go for a farm-fresh harvest theme instead.

Anything that can be harvested in the fall is fair game! Think apples, wheat grass, apricots, and even radishes. Skip the barn and set up tables in the field and invite animals, like goats, llamas, and cows to mingle among guests.

Outdoor Wedding Aisle Lined With Fall Foliage: Happy Wed

Leafy Forest

Leaves frequently show up in fall weddings, with good reason. Simple outdoor fall wedding ideas don’t get any easier than decorating with colorful leaves, but you can take this theme to the next level by hosting your nuptials outdoors.

Take advantage of the changing leaves, even if it means covering up with a shawl. There’s little need for fussy decorations when you let nature enhance your day, making this the perfect idea for last-minute weddings and budget brides.

Wedding Centerpiece Featuring Books: My Wedding

Back to School

A back to school theme may sound cheesy on the surface, but when executed properly, it can look quite beautiful. Decorate tables with antique books and quills, use chalkboard signs, and consider getting married at an old one-room schoolhouse.

The trick is to be subtle with this theme, which means leaving things like red apples, globes, and yellow school buses out of the décor.

Table Setting Featuring Jewel Tones: Confetti Sweethearts

Moody Jewel Tones

If you love the idea of using shades of burgundy and brown, but want to freshen up your color palette, go for moody jewel tones. It’s among our favorite wedding themes for fall in 2021!

The key is to use many different shades in your décor. Incorporate burgundy and brown, but you should also incorporate shades of deep amethyst, lapis, emerald, and mustard. It will give your wedding a luxe, autumnal vibe without looking like the stereotypical fall wedding.

Gothic Wedding Table Centerpiece: Green Wedding Shoes

Gothic Halloween 

A Halloween wedding always sounds like a lot of fun, but it’s not usually on lists of the most elegant fall wedding ideas. If you love the idea of embracing this spooky season, but you want to skip the cheese, go for a gothic theme and you can give your nuptials a dark, luxe look.

Deep reds are popular, but deep shades of purple are just as beautiful, and this hue is a lot less commonly used. Decorate with candelabras, have bridesmaids wear dark purple velvet dresses, and choose naturally dark blooms, like black dahlias, black calla lilies, and chocolate cosmos in flower arrangements.

Boho Wedding Arch: Maggie Grace Photography

Boho Chic

Quite possibly the opposite of a gothic Halloween wedding is the boho chic wedding. Not only is it among our favorite wedding themes for fall 2021, it also happens to be a huge trend for weddings all year long.

Think rattan chandeliers, pampas grass flower arrangements, and shades of cream, tan, and mauve. It’s great for a fall wedding because dried flowers are right at home at a boho chic wedding, as are harvest wedding favorites, like wheat and barley.

Moroccan-Themed Ceremony Space Featuring Patterned Rugs: Modern Wedding

Luxe Moroccan Style 

Hate when things look a little too matchy-matchy? Go for a luxe Moroccan-style wedding! With rich, vivid colors, decorative lanterns, and flowing fabrics in a wide variety of patterns, this theme is all about embracing the riches all around us and having fun with your wedding décor.

Replace traditional seating with poufs, hang colorful glass lanterns throughout your reception space, decorate place settings with Moroccan-inspired glass charger plates, and use as many patterned rugs and tapestries as you can.

Couple Kissing Under a Tree Between Wine Barrels: Wedding Wire

Autumn Wine 

The vineyard can be a beautiful place to get married in the fall. It makes fall wedding decorations easy too! From wine corks to repurposed wine glasses and wine barrels, there are a lot of ways you can incorporate this theme into your big day.

Just be careful not to overdo the theme. For example, skip the plastic grapes and opt for more traditional flower arrangements instead.

Bride and Groom Standing in Front of Festival Tents: Funky Wedding

Folk Festival

There’s just something about outdoor festivals, like Coachella and Burning Man. Bring this carefree spirit to your own wedding by choosing fall wedding themes and colors with a folk twist.

Look for inspiration from Celtic and Pagan customs, or let your love of fantasy shine through by incorporating Elvish details. Think flower crowns, dreamcatcher décor, a wedding gown with big bell sleeves, and a traditional handfasting ceremony.

Terrazzo Inspired Wedding Cake: Soul Cake


Terrazzo is having a huge moment in décor, so it should come as no surprise that it’s among our favorite fall wedding themes and colors too!

Terrazzo weddings are perfect for the fall because they often incorporate earthy colors and materials. Chipped pieces of terrazzo stone make great table numbers, terrazzo print looks artistic on wedding cakes, and terrazzo wall décor makes a great backdrop for a photo booth.

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